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Kaipara District Plan Changes

District Plan Changes

A plan change involves changes to an Operative District Plan.  The District Plan is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis for a number of reasons such as to re-zone land or to make amendments to rules.  This is because communities might identify a need for changes to how their towns are developing and so, for example, land-use restrictions might change.

District Plan changes can be initiated by the Council or members of the public (private plan change) and involves a process requiring research, evaluation and consultation with the community.  For many reasons, some topics for a plan change may not go beyond a research phase.

Once a decision has been made to notify a plan change it must follow a statutory process under the Resource Management Act 1991 unless it is withdrawn.  It must also be accompanied by an evaluation report setting out such matters as costs/benefits, alternatives considered and whether it would conflict with other documents such as National Policy Statements and the Regional Policy Statement.

If a plan change has been notified and a decision is made later to withdraw the plan change, the Council must publish a public notice stating that a plan change has been withdrawn and give reasons as to why it has been withdrawn.

The Plan Change Process

All the District Plan change now in progress are listed here.

Current District Plan Changes
All the current District Plan Changes are listed below.  Select a title from the column headed 'Change' to link to all the information about that particular District Plan Change.
Reference Change Status
PPC3 Private Plan Change 3: North City Developments Decision released 26 May 2017.
PC4 Proposed Plan Change 4: Fire Safety Rules (Land Use) Further submissions have closed.
Completed Plan Changes/Historic Plan Changes
Reference Change Brief Description
PPC1 Private Plan Change 1: Li Liangren Family Trust The decision on Private Plan Change 1, an application by Li Liangren Family Trust to rezone part of Lot 1 DP403278 at Tinopai from Rural (Harbour Overlay) to Residential (Harbour Overlay), was declined.  The decision was publicly notified on 01 July 2016.  The period to appeal the decision to the Environment Court has closed.   There were no appeals lodged.
PC2 Proposed Plan Change 2: Fire Safety Withdrawn.  Council resolved to withdraw Plan Change 2 on 26 September 2016.
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The Plan Change process in diagram form
Other information
  • Anyone can make a submission to the proposal, either in support or opposition;
  • Submissions are then open for further submissions so people can support or oppose comments made in original submissions – only specific persons may lodge a further submission.  The following persons may make a further submission:
(a)      any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; and
(b)      any person that has an interest in the proposed policy statement or plan greater than the interest that the general public has; and
(c)      the local authority itself.
  • All submitters can present their submission in person to the Council during a Hearing process;
  • The Hearings Panel decision is publicly notified and appeal rights to the Environment Court are provided for submitters, if they do not agree with the decisions that were made;
  • The final step is for the plan change to become operative, after the consultation process and/or any appeal process has been completed.
For more information on the District Plan Change Process, click the following link to the Ministry for the Environment website: Getting involved in Council Plans and Plan Preparation Processes
For more information about making submissions, click the following link to the Ministry for the Environment website:  Making a Submission to a Plan Change
For more information on the Environmental Court Process, Click the following link to the Environment Court website: Environment Court of New Zealand

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