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Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund


Sport NZ/Kiwisport Rural Travel Fund

There are two rounds of the Sport NZ/Kiwisport Rural Travel Fund per year, one in March and one in October.   Applications forms will be available when these funding rounds are opened.

The Rural Travel Fund is designed to help subsidise travel for junior sports teams (5 to 19 year olds) participating in their local competition.

Rural Travel Fund Criteria:

The linking of the KiwiSport Fund to the Rural Travel Fund will address an identified barrier to increased numbers and opportunities for children in playing or gaining skills in sport.

Applications to the Fund must show travel funding used:
  • for either more students to access current opportunities or for students who currently participate to access new opportunities;
  • for either during school or out-of-school times;
  • for either primary or secondary school aged students; and
  • in partnership with a school or club. We are looking for applicants to match money from this Fund i.e. the amount being applied for must not total more than 50% of the total cost of your travel (please note you must provide evidence of the other 50% - either letters from other funders confirming funding or bank accounts from you as the applicant proving funding is available).



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