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Kaipara Heritage Assistance Fund

The Kaipara District Council has set aside $15,000 for a contestable Kaipara Heritage Assistance Fund.  This is to help and encourage people to protect and preserve resources of heritage value within the Kaipara.  Heritage resources considered for this Fund include historic sites, buildings and waahi tapu and archaeological sites.


Who can apply?

  • Community groups and organisations

  • Private landowners

  • Iwi, hapu, whanau



  • The heritage resource to be preserved is within the Kaipara District.

  • The application for funding has the support of the owner of the heritage resource

  • The resource is of proven historical significance, for example it will be listed within the Kaipara District Plan or registered by the New Zealand Historical Places Trust, or it may be an archaeological site which has been identified as having significant heritage value.

  • The community will benefit from the project.

  • The work for which funding is being sought is essential and appropriate to ensure the preservation of the heritage resource.  Applicants are encouraged to seek advice, for example from New Zealand Historic Places Trust and hapu/iwi prior to applying to ensure the work proposed is appropriate to the particular heritage resource.

  • The applicant and others will contribute to the project, for example voluntary labour.



  • Profession of services such as condition reports and conservation plans.

  • Conservation work relating to land or archaeological sites such as site stabilisation or fencing.

  • Repair or restoration relating to historic buildings or structures including repairs to masonry, joinery, plaster or glazing.



Applications are called for every October.  At that point, a link to an application form will be posted on this page.  Applications received are assessed by a Council committee and a recommendation is made to the full Council.  Applicants are then advised.

Council staff or the committee may request additional information if the application is not deemed complete.

Council staff or the committee may refer the applicant to other agencies or sources of funding.

In order to assess the short listed applications a Council representative(s) may visit the site and expert input may be sought from external sources such as hapu/iwi, New Zealand Historic Places Trust.



  • Assistance is in the form of grants made available for reimbursement or project costs.

  • The Fund will pay no more than 50% of the cost of the project in any particular case.

  • All funded projects must comply with all statutory requirements and be completed within the stated time and to the appropriate standard before reimbursements are made.

  • The property will be made available for inspection of the preservation work.

  • Assistance will not be granted retrospectively that is the work for which funding is sought must not have been commenced prior to approval of funding.

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