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Kaipara Roads

The Kaipara District Council's roads network provides accessibility to the residents and visitors within a safe and clean environment.

The services cover the provision and maintenance of the physical components; roads, footpaths, bridges and other structures (e.g. street furniture), lighting, drainage, traffic services and safety (e.g. signage), as well as the planning and management to ensure the network is safe and able to cope with future needs.

Council's Roads and Footpaths Asset consists of 1,570 km of formed roads (446km sealed and 1,124km unsealed), 353 bridges, 88km of footpaths and walkways, 1,136 streetlights, 6,687 traffic signs, and 13,612 culverts. Included in the Asset Management are:

  • The maintenance and construction of roads, pedestrian paths and accessways.

  • The maintenance of the road reserve including mowing, sweeping, cleaning and weedspraying.

  • The maintenance of traffic services including lighting, signs, roadmarking, road name plates and furniture.

  • The resealing of the network, rehabilitation and renewal construction, as well as minor safety projects.

  • The development of the transportation and traffic networks.

Road 2 HVZ-338Road 1 HVZ-42
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NZTA Press Releases 
16 July 2015
Loose loads are dangerous
The NZTA urges motorists to "tie it down".  To read the full press release click here.
15 June 2015
State Highway 14 Repair Works
The NZTA has asked motorists travelling on State Highway 14 between Whangarei and Dargaville to take care as they carry out a number of repairs over the next three weeks. To read the full NZTA press release click here.
09 June 2015
State Highway 12 Waipoua Forest
Slip Repairs to commence this week
The NZTA has advised that repair work will start this week on a section of State Highway 12 through the Waipoua Forest which has slipped into the river below. To read the full NZ Transport Agency press release click here.
For the latest information on what is happening on the State Highways: telephone 0800 4 HIGHWAYS or visit the website: www.highwayinfo.govt.nz  
  Unsealed Roads Maintenance Strategy  
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