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Kaipara District Council Dog & Stock Control

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Environmental Northland Ltd:
0800 105 890

KDC Mangawhai Service Centre:
0800 100 388

KDC Dargaville Office:
0800 727 059

E: council@kaipara.govt.nz

The Kaipara District Council's Animal Management oversees dog registration as well as offering many other services that benefit dogs, dog owners and the wider community.

Telephone: 0800 105 890.  These services include:

  • The District Dog Shelter providing facilities for lost dogs.
  • 24 hour I 7 day per week Animal Control Service for issues relating to public safety.
  • Registration.  Your dog benefits by being readily identifiable and has a far greater chance of being returned home if it becomes lost or is involved in an accident. The community benefits from the Council having a complete register of all dogs and a better idea of how best its services might be provided.
  • Advice to the community and investigation and resolution of dog problems. The community benefits from having more responsible and educated dog owners, individuals benefit from having the Council investigate their dog control concerns, and hopefully Council can succeed in resolving issues that may be making life less enjoyable for those people.
  • Educational programmes: to educate children and adults about safety around animals and to encourage responsible dog ownership
  • Information for dog owners and the community, through brochures and a website.
  • Patrol Services which monitor popular community areas, aiming to reduce the number of uncontrolled dogs and nuisance or possible harm to the public.
  • Friendly advice for customers, including information on the best dog breeds to suit them and their lifestyle.
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09 439 3123 or 0800 727 059

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