Kaipara District Council (24 Hours) 0800 727 059

Office opening hours: 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

What is Civil Defence?

Civil Defence Emergency Management's role is to ensure public awareness of:

  • Hazards around us
  • How those hazards can be reduced
  • What you can do to prepare yourselves for an emergency
  • What to do during and immediately after an emergency.

The Kaipara District Council is responsible for the preparation of plans and programmes to:

  • Reduce the identifiable hazards/risks
  • Train staff to respond to any emergency event
  • Co-ordinate any such response in cooperation in other emergency and welfare agencies, and
  • Co-ordinate the immediate, medium and long term rehabilitation of the community, following a disaster.
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0800 727 059 or 09 439 3123 

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