Long Term Plan 2018/2028

  1. Briefing Dates
  2. Public Consultation Dates

Long Term Plan

The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) requires every council to produce a Long Term Plan (LTP) every three years.

The LTP outlines our activities and priorities for the next t10 years, providing a long term focus for decision-making. It also explains how work will be scheduled and funded.

Under the LGA, LTPs must be reviewed every three years with full consultation with the public each time. An Annual Plan is developed in the years in between.

The next Long Term Plan
If you would like to receive notifications regarding the LTP please email haveyoursay@kaipara.govt.nz to be added to our contact list. 

If you would like to address Council in regards to the LTP please email council@kaipara.govt.nz.

Community involvement in the district’s 10-year-plan will be starting early for the LTP 2018/2028.

In addition to formal consultation which will take place in 2018, and issuing a Consultation Document to get community input on key issues and decisions, Council will be adding an extra step; early community engagement.

Council is taking this approach because we want to get a better picture of what the community wants before we develop the plan. It is about gathering ideas, knowledge and information from our community and feeding that into the process early on. Earlier engagement will give us time to consider projects, costs and options and review existing asset management plans and work programmes to better inform the LTP process.

Public Meetings/Key Dates

A series of public meetings have been scheduled (with more to come) and all are welcome to attend:

Wednesday 05 July 2017 1.30pm - 4.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Financial Parameters
Rating structure
Monday 10 July 2017 9.30am – 3.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Asset management plans
Water Services 
Reserves and Open Spaces
Solid Waste
Monday 24 July 2017 9.30am - 1.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Roading and Transportation
Kaipara Transportation 2018/2028
Monday 7 August 2017 9.30am – 12.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme (MCWWS) extension
Strategy Options
Existing and potential future mains and pump stations
Ownership maintenance diagram
Advisory panel recommendations
Monday 14 August 2017
1.00pm – 4.00pm Mangawhai Club, Mangawhai (POSTPONED)
Friday 01 September 2017 9.30am – noon Paparoa Mangawhai Community Plan
Significance and Engagement Policy
Tuesday 26 September 2017
12.30pm – 3.00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville  
Monday 09 October 2017 9:30am - 12:00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
Wednesday 18 October 2017 9.30am – 3.30pm Ruawai-Tokatoka War Memorial Hall, Ruawai Agenda
Roading Priorities and NZTA
Fees and Charges
Development Contributions - Presentation - Policy
Civil Defence Update
Monday 30 October 2017 9.30am – 3.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
Community Outcomes Framework
Project prioritisation
Roading - NZTA update
Monday 06 November 2017 11.00am - 2:30pm Mangawhai Club, Mangawhai Agenda
Walking and Cycling Strategy Implementation
Community Hub
Activity Profiles
Monday 20 November 2017 10.00am - 4.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Cancer Society/Smokefree Kaipara
Northland DHB
QV Presentation 
Creative Northland
Financial Contributions
LGNZ Roadshow Presentation
Thursday 30 November 2017 09.30am - 3.00pm Kaiwaka Sports Association Hall, Gibbons Road, Kaiwaka Agenda
Significance & Engagement
Wednesday 13 December 2017 09.00am - 4.00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
LTP18 Financials
Funding Impact statement (rating tools)
Rating Policies
Capex Budgets
Treasury Policy
IT Strategy
District Plan
Wednesday 10 January 2018 11.00am - 3.00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
Revenue and Financing Policy
Thursday 18 January 2018 10.00am - 2.30pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
Financial Strategy
Fees and Charges
Development Contributions Policy
Mangawhai Community Plan Financials
Reserves Contributions Policy
Treasury Policy
Asset Management Plans
Thursday 25 January 2018 1.00pm - 4.00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
FIS and Appendices
Forestry Roading Targeted Rate
Infrastructure Strategy
Draft Consultation Document
Rating Policy
Water Targeted Rates
Wednesday 07 February 2018 09.00am - 4.00pm Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Dargaville Agenda
Financial Strategy
Prospective Statements 
Mangawhai Community Plan Financials
Consultation Dates and Plan
Wednesday 21 February 2018 TBC Mangawhai  

If you get your ideas and suggestions in to us we can put them in the mix for consideration now.

You can send us an email to haveyoursay@kaipara.govt.nz

You can also follow our Facebook page.

The Long Term Plan 2015/2025

Our Long Term Plan (LTP) 2015/2025 was adopted by Council in June 2015. It covers the period 01 July 2015 to 30 June 2025, and remains current until the new LTP is adopted in June 2018.

Download a full copy of the LTP 2015/2025 from the link below.

Long Term Plan 2015/2025 Part One
Long Term Plan 2015/2025 Part Two

Previous Plans

If you would like a copy of any previous plans, please contact us.

Public Consultation Dates

Formal consultation on the Long Term Plan 2018/2028 starts in March 2018. This is when you will see what has been proposed in the Consultation Document and the detail that supports it. We will do 'drop in sessions' across the District to discuss the Consultation Document with you and encourage you to make a submission. If you would like to tell us what you think about the document directly, you can attend an event and we will record your feedback. You can also choose to present your submission to Council by selecting that option in the submission form, and you can submit via our online portal (which will be active from March 05 2018).

These dates and times are subject to Council adopting the Consultation Document at their meeting February 28 2018.

Presentations will be held at the following locations (venue details and times will be updated when finalised):

We will be adding more dates and times (including weekends and evening sessions across the district).

  • 7 - 9 March Dargaville
  • 13 March Kaiwaka
  • 17 March TBC
  • 21 - 23 March Mangawhai
  • 27 March Paparoa
  • 29 March Maungaturoto
Submissions close Sunday 8 April 2018


Online requests 

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