Dargaville pontoon complete.jpg

Kaipara Wharves

Wharves help people to connect with each other and enable transportation of goods.  

A water-based transport network will connect communities, support and attract residents, businesses and tourists to the Kaipara district.

Update for Pouto wharf 2024: We're still working to complete Pouto wharf. The completion of the wharf is expected to be June 2024.  

The Kaipara Wharves project includes: 

  • Assessing what opportunities water-based transport would create for tourism and transport for Kaipara
  • Plan for phasing key wharf projects around other dependent projects (roads, kai and tourism)
  • Building Dargaville pontoon, upgrading Pahi wharf and building a new gangway and pontoon, building Poutō wharf, and completing investigations for beach landings at three marae.


  • The Kaipara Water Transport Network and Wharves Feasibility Study/ Programme Business Case was consulted on and finalised in 2020. 
  • Construction for the Dargaville pontoon was completed in mid-October 2020
  • Construction work for the Pahi wharf upgrade, including a new pontoon and gangway was completed in December 2021.
  • Construction work for Poutō wharf started in August/September 2022 and is planned for completion in 2024.

An artist impression of Poutō wharf. Construction work for Poutō wharf started in August/September 2022.