Kaipara Water

We want to help the people of Kaipara use their water to its best potential. 

Water plays a key part of transforming land use. Building on Kaipara Kai, the Kaipara Water project further supports valuable land diversification opportunities. We have set up two demonstration sites within the community, working with the landowners to showcase different types of irrigation and the ways in which this can support specific crops.

Demonstration site one is on iwi land at Maunganui Bluff north of Dargaville. Council is working with Te Roroa to showcase irrigation that can be easily scaled up or down, depending on what crops are being watered. For season 1 the site hosted an in-ground irrigation system managed remotely via a web application to deliver water and fertiliser to vegetable crops in precise amounts. Season 1 crops included yam, watermelon, kamokamo, sweetcorn. Squash Delica has been selected for the second season, with a sprinkler system implemented. 

Demonstration site two is in Te Kopuru. A centre pivot irrigator is installed which has a 242-metre span and can irrigate roughly 10 hectares. Water is gradually taken from a nearby creek under an existing resource consent. Crops for season 1 included soybean/edamame, beetroot, watermelon, and kaanga ma. High-oleic sunflowers have been selected for the second season. The Te Kopuru site (site two) is also located within the future water storage scheme area managed by Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust. 

The project team is working with Kauri Coast Contracting, Think Water Northland, Bay Irrigation, as well as Northland Inc. Northland Inc are contracted to manage the demonstration sites.

Season 1 (2021/2022)