21/03/20 | COVID-19 update from Council 22/03/2020

The Council has robust plans in place to continue providing services if the pandemic situation escalates. Our customer services and libraries remain open at this stage, but check for changes on our website before you come in.

We understand what the community is saying about increases to rates. We are considering how we can help people through a period of hardship to find the right balance between continuing to contribute to the Kaipara economy, with our projects and employment, and easing the burden of rates on our community. We will take a measured approach to our decisions, assessing how things develop before charting a course that is right for our district and our community.

We have called an emergency meeting of Council tomorrow morning to ensure we have an effective and continuous governance system in place during a pandemic. This is a slight variation on the arrangements we already have to make decisions in emergencies. You can see the agenda and recommendations for decision making during COVID-19 pandemic online.

At this stage, the Council will continue to meet, as required under legislation, and we will make the papers and minutes available as usual. You can still see the agenda on our website before each meeting and talk to your elected members about it before they meet, so your views can be considered. We will review public access to council facilities and buildings over the coming week and ensure that the community is kept informed of changes. 

CE signature.

Louise Miller
Chief Executive Kaipara District Council

18/03/20 | Kaipara District Council’s response to Covid-19

Kaipara District Council is taking the threat of Covid-19 very seriously and is well prepared to manage the risks to our people and our services.

We are deeply committed to the health and well-being our people and our communities.

The Council’s Business Continuity Plans have been refreshed and are being put through the microscope to ensure they are robust and so essential services will continue if the situation escalates in Northland.

For now it is business as usual, with a few extra common sense precautions, and all our services are running as normal. Keep an eye on our website for changes to services, or if you download the Antenno app we’ll alert you to changes.

We are following the guidelines put out by the Ministry of Health as the lead agency. That means we are implementing new health and safety procedures so please don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands, or stand a little further away than normal.

We are reflecting the increasing need to limit group contact so have cancelled events that are scheduled from tomorrow on. That includes the spatial planning meetings that were scheduled from 20 March.

We encourage you to think about whether your trip to Council offices is really necessary or if your business could be conducted by phone or online. Reducing contact may keep you, and us, safer.

We are uniting with other Councils to respond to this threat in a consistent and managed way.

We ask you to unite with us against COVID-19. Be kind and check in on others in need, reduce spread by washing your hands well and often, stay home if you are sick, and self isolate to protect others if you have been travelling, or if it is possible you may have been exposed to the  virus. The best way to stop the spread is not to pass it on.

If you need advice about how to address Covid-19 in your business please refer to the information put out by the Ministry of Health. If you need advice about Council-related services, we’re here to help.

05/03/20 | Kaipara Kai opens, ready for business

Kaipara Kai, a support base for landowners and the kai industry was opened for business in Ruawai by Hon. Shane Jones today.

The ribbon-cutting event, hosted by Kaipara District Council, included iwi, local dignitaries, and representatives from the farming and food manufacturing businesses.

The Kaipara Kai hub will support landowners to use their fertile land to its best potential. It will serve as a physical HQ base, where landowners can come to access sector knowledge and resources, industry professionals can meet with clients, informational events will be run, ag-tech companies can display their products, and remote workers and travelling professionals can hot-desk.

27/02/20 | High Level Water Restrictions in Place across Kaipara

At February’s Council meeting (26 February 2020) a decision was made to move all Council supplied water networks (Dargaville, Baylys Beach, Maungaturoto, Ruawai, Mangawhai, Glinks Gully) to a Level 4 Restriction.

This decision comes off the back of a period of dry weather, no rainfall, and no forecasted rain for the next 4 weeks. While the levels of water, and number of people connected vary across Kaipara, this decision brings the whole district into alignment.

Read more about the drought.

21/02/20 | Mayor’s Memo (21 February 2020)

Drought concerns are high on everyone’s minds across Kaipara as the record rain-less period extends and the longer term forecast (say, to May) lacks rain to replenish underground aquifers, farm dams and household water tanks. The five municipal water systems of Kaipara District Council are being closely monitored, and we’re confident everyone keeping water-wise and holding to the water restrictions will carry us all through. Tank water consumers may be nervously watching tank levels and ordering a delivery from very busy water carriers which may still be weeks away – patience and planning are needed until it’s persisting down with rain again. It may pay to check in with your neighbours – maybe share a water load to help spread costs, get a delivery sooner and spread the water around faster. Whatever your situation, a drought is a serious time and people, animals and the environment are distressed. Take special care at this tricky time. Though it may seem as a community in the north we’re under the pump, each of us has a part to play in planning our water-wise way ahead.

07/02/20 | New Technology improves safety at schools

New road safety measures are being introduced outside several Kaipara schools to help make drivers more aware they are approaching school zones and the need to slow down.

07/02/20 | Track clearing work to begin

Monday 10 February – Friday 14 February 2020

The walking tracks along Thelma Road, and the Goldschmidts Track will be closed at both ends while the track is cleared. The track follows a paper road from Cullen Street back to the Heads. It will be coned off with signs at both ends.

The work is being done to manage overgrown Pampas grass and other weeds.

Please avoid the area while this work is done. For any queries please contact

01/02/20 | Tomarata Bridge closed 10-12 February

Due to a hold up with parts and supplies, the closure will now take place from 11.20am Monday 10 February 1010, reopening at midday Wednesday 12 February.

Pedestrian access will be accommodated. Please use Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road where possible and drive to the conditions. 

28/01/20 | Severe water shortage for residents on town supply

Northland is experiencing one of the driest 12-month periods on record. Our rivers, streams and underground water sources are running low. Water levels in the Kaihu River have fallen below a level, which means we’ve reached high level Water Restrictions.

Please reduce your water use immediately, at home and at work, to protect our water supply.

14/01/20 | Water restrictions in place for Dargaville and Baylys Beach

Hot, dry weather has been a dream for holidaymakers across Kaipara, but the increased demand on water supply has led us to tighten up our water restrictions.

Restrictions are in place due to the river flow dropping below our consented levels. While the river levels may fluctuate, Council needs it to stay at a consistent level in order to maintain supply.  Dargaville and Baylys Beach have been put on a sprinkler and irrigation ban (Level Three Restrictions) to manage pressure on the local water supply.

This means local Dargaville and Ruawai water carriers may have to travel further for water, contact your regular supplier or alternative suppliers for more information. (a list of carriers can be found at -

Council staff also keeping a close eye on Maungaturoto and at this stage encourage users to be mindful of the hot consistently dry weather and be smart with water use.

Council’s water services team says communities have responded positively to the conservation messages we have had over recent weeks, and asks for ongoing cooperation with the ‘summer heatwave’ upon us.

Kaipara District Council will keep monitoring water use and river and reviewing water restrictions daily. Any changes are posted on our and our Kaipara District Council Facebook page.

Please report water waste and water leaks to Customer Service on 0800 727 059.

Top 5 smart water conservation tips

•       Wait until you can do full loads before you wash dishes or use the washing machine.

•       Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth.

•       For cool drinking water, fill a jug and keep it in the fridge. Running water to cool it down can waste 10 litres a minute.

•       For lawns, apply the ‘step test’ – if grass springs back after you walk on it, it doesn’t need watering.

•       If your toilet has a dual-flush button, use the half flush.


09/01/20 | Fire Ban

Fires are now prohibited for all zones in the Kaipara District and throughout Northland.

All outdoor fires are prohibited except:

  • gas operated barbecues
  • charcoal barbecues/grills
  • wood-fired pizza ovens
  • chimineas
  • cultural fires

which meet the necessary conditions.

All existing permits have been cancelled.

Please go to the Fire and Emergency website for more information

07/01/20 | Tomarata Bridge closed 12 January

The Tomarata Bridge on Insley Street will be closed overnight on Sunday 12 January, from 9pm to 5am the following morning. This is to move a beam and switch the traffic to the other side of the bridge.

A diversion along Cames Road will be in place for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles should use SH1 and Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road.  

Electronic noticeboards will be in place at the Wayby Valley Road/SH1 intersection and the Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road/SH1 intersection to advise motorists of the closure.  

Download the Antenno app from your app store and register to stay up to date with further closures.


17/12/19 | Mayor's Memo - December 2019

Summer is the time for sharing what’s best about our Kaipara District – miles of pristine beaches facing oceans, lakes or harbours, great fresh local food, a kind word with a local who may share a secret fishing spot or favourite hidden swimming hole. From Christmas for a few weeks it seems the population of Kaipara District nearly doubles with extra visitors joining us and coming here to stretch out; it follows that all our systems get stretched. Drinking water, waste water, rubbish collection – all these Council services will soon be working at peak rate for this holiday time of year.

Being co-operative and patient are key to a stress-free summer in Mangawhai. Mangawhai summer plans are in place for the busiest period of the year for Kaipara’s busiest place. There’s a trial of a one-way traffic management system for the Wood Street shops area, and there’s extra summer parking opened up on the grass at the Heads Beach carpark. Council is also putting on a FREE bus to connect Mangawhai Village through to the Heads surf beach, and I’m looking forward to using that myself with the family soon. I heard it may be named the Heads Hop Beach Bus, but whatever it’s called this service for fast-growing Mangawhai will be one to take up this summer and help ease road congestion around popular spots.

Spot-on timing for heavy rain storms in the last week have lifted spirits of farmers and food growers across the District. That’s a nice Christmas bonus, following excellent establishment of kumara, maize and forage crops, as well as filling aquifers and rivers across the District. Summer rain also tops up everyone’s water tanks, so it pays to keep the gutterings clean at this time of year so none of the good stuff goes to waste.

Another Christmas bonus is the recent decision by Government that the industrial functions of the port of Auckland will be relocated, and that Northland is in the frame for the future port. As chair of the Northland Mayoral Forum I’m speaking on this subject for the civic leaders of the region. For Kaipara District, already the fastest-growing district in the North Island, this port move would be expected to turbo-charge what’s already the most popular place around. The new Kaipara Horizons Committee at KDC will be focusing on this in the new year, and there’s lots of good stuff to share ahead.

Speaking of good stuff, I hope your Christmas and New Year are filled with lots of other good stuff, relaxing days and happy times. I look forward to a great 2020 year of vision ahead for Kaipara, and to sharing with you more good times in the mighty Kaipara. There’s no place like it, this place we call home. Maybe that’s why so many others want to join us? Welcome, everyone. Nau mai, haere mai, piki mai. Come on in, the water’s fine.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Council, Meri Kirihimete,



Dr Jason Smith - Mayor, Kaipara District Council

17/12/19 | Sheep attacks stop, dog found

Animal management officers are praising owners who came forward with their dog after attacks on sheep.
During November there were three attacks, all unwitnessed, at four Echo Valley lifestyle blocks where 22 sheep died.
The follow-up is being touted as a good example of responsible owners and a new, proactive animal management team working together for community safety in Mangawhai.

17/12/19 | Inaugural Reserve Contribution Funding awarded

Three deserving community groups are getting a welcome contribution to their projects after the inaugural awarding of the contestable portion of the Reserve Contributions Fund.

09/12/19 | Tomarata/Insley Street Bridge Closure #2

A reminder the second closure of the Tomarata/Insley Street Bridge is active from 10am Tuesday 10 December 2019.

It's planned for works to be completed by this Friday (13th December.)

Pedestrian access will be accommodated.

The closure is to allow contractors to pour new concrete and give it time to strengthen.

A diversion along Cames Road will be in place for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles are advised to use SH1 and Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road. Security will be in place to make sure heavy vehicles do not use Cames Road.

Electronic noticeboards will be in place at the Wayby Valley Road/SH1 intersection and the Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road/SH1 intersection to advise motorists of the closure and notices are being broadcasted via local radio and Antenno and the Kaipara District Council Facebook Page (to download Antenno to your phone and receive updates click here).

27/11/19 | New committee structure for Kaipara District Council

Kaipara District Council (KDC) has adopted a new committee structure, with a focus on ‘cross-pollination’ of elected members across the district, collaboration and using the skills of elected members.

Kaipara Mayor, Dr Jason Smith, says elected members have sworn an oath to serve all Kaipara District and each of the wards should be represented on the major committees, particularly for the district’s three priority parks. Committees will also contain a mix of new and more experienced councillors and workloads have been evened out.

27/11/19 | Summer changes to smooth traffic in Mangawhai

Kaipara District Council is introducing temporary measures in Mangawhai over the summer season to keep traffic moving and help people get around safely.

The town centre changes were designed collaboratively with the Mangawhai Business Association, customers and residents of the surrounding streets at two Council-led workshops.

27/11/19 | Mangawhai Park comes of age

A new governance structure has been established for Mangawhai Community Park, recognising the new level of maturity in the Park’s development.

Located in Mangawhai Heads, the park provides activities and spaces for the community to enjoy the natural environment.

15/11/19 | New animal management officers hit the streets

Kaipara District Council has three new animal management officers.

Steve, Kim and Chris collectively bring a wealth of experience to the team and can draw on previous roles with Whangārei District Council, Waitakere City Council and the SPCA.

12/11/19 | New location proposed for Dargaville Township

Moving the Dargaville town centre up Hokianga Road is one of the bold new ideas the Kaipara District Council is currently floating in their draft spatial plan consultation that runs until Friday 29 November 2019.

10/11/19 | Tomarata/Insley Street Bridge temporary closure

The Tomarata/Insley Street bridge will be closed from 10am on Wednesday 13 November to 5am on Friday 15 November.

The closure is to allow contractors to pour new concrete and give it time to strengthen.

A diversion along Cames Road will be in place for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles are advised to use SH1 and Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road. Security will be in place to make sure heavy vehicles do not use Cames Road.

Electronic noticeboards will be in place at the Wayby Valley Road/SH1 intersection and the Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road/SH1 intersection to advise motorists of the closure.


07/11/19 | Community feedback invited on Dargaville Pontoon design

Kaipara District Council is inviting members of the community to have their say on the design for a new pontoon in Dargaville.

The redesign of the Dargaville Pontoon is a key part of Kaipara Wharves, a project that aims to create a water-based transport network on Kaipara Harbour by investing in wharf infrastructure.

A drop-in information session for members of the community to contribute their ideas and feedback will be held from 4pm to 7pm on Wednesday 20 November at the Northern Wairoa Memorial Hall.

Proposed design - new Dargaville pontoon


01/11/19 | Expressions of interest in Mangawhai community housing open

Kaipara District Council is calling for expressions of interest from community housing providers (CHPs) to take over providing community housing in Mangawhai.

Specifications - Request for Expressions of Interest - Provision of Community Housing for Older Persons, Mangawhai

31/10/19 | Recount confirms election result for Dargaville

A recount of election results for the second seat to represent Dargaville Ward on Kaipara District Council has confirmed Karen Joyce-Paki as councillor.

25/10/19 | New Council welcomed with powhiri

The newly-elected mayor and councillors of Kaipara District were welcomed with a powhiri at the inaugural Council meeting in Dargaville this morning.

Mayor Dr Jason Smith - Inaugural address

21/10/19 | Deputy Mayor selected for Kaipara District Council

Re-elected Kaipara District Council Mayor Dr Jason Smith announced Councillor Anna Curnow as his deputy mayor for the new council’s three-year term today.

18/10/19 | Final election results for Kaipara District

Final results for the Kaipara District Council elections are now available.

The final results overturn the preliminary results for the Dargaville Ward, with Karen Joyce-Paki overtaking Brian John McEwing to secure the second seat alongside Eryn Wilson-Collins.

The official declaration of the results will take place on Monday 21 October.

Final election results

Detailed final election results


15/10/19 | Building lease agreed

Chief Executives Malcolm Nicolson of Northland Regional Council (NRC) and Louise Miller of Kaipara District Council (KDC) have today signed an agreement for their teams to share office space in Dargaville.

The shared space, to be located at 32 Hokianga Road, will be constructed by the regional council. Kaipara District Council will lease part of the building to provide office space for about 65 district council staff.

Following the signing, the following documents have been released:

Report - Dargaville Civic Building - 30 May 2019

Scheme plan to expand offices and library in Dargaville

Kaipara Service Centre - Design and Proposed KDC lease terms

02/10/19 | Think now to save water later

Low rain fall over winter has resulted in the lowering ground water levels and early predictions are for continued lower than average rainfall for the early part of the summer. This may result in a repeat of water shortage issues in the Mangawhai area experienced last summer.

With summer approaching this is a reminder to take extra care not to waste water in the hot, probably dry, months ahead.

02/10/19 | Crown Manager delivers final report to Kaipara District Council

Crown Manager, and former Commissioner of the Kaipara District Council, Mr Peter Winder delivered his final report to the September council meeting, completing almost seven years of work with the Kaipara District.

01/10/19 | Blessing kicks off Tomarata Bridge repairs

Work is underway to repair the Tomarata/Insley Street Bridge in Mangawhai, with the blessing of Te Uri O Hau.

A ceremony was performed on Thursday 26 September by Kaipara District Council.

26/09/19 | Annual Report 2018/19 highlights growth and investment in Kaipara

Investment and increased growth in Kaipara are two of the highlights in Kaipara District Council’s 2018/19 Annual Report, which was adopted by Council at its meeting today.

The Annual Report 2018/19 will be available on the Annual Report page of Council's website from Tuesday 1 October.

13/09/19 | Shared customer service centre for regional, Kaipara councils

A proposed $8.4M Kaipara complex that would house up to 80 local authority staff from two different councils is being hailed as both a good investment and a sign of ongoing confidence in Dargaville’s future.

The proposed Hokianga Rd building would be developed by the Northland Regional Council and about a dozen of its operational field staff, associated vehicles and specialist equipment would also be based there.  However, the Kaipara District Council – and about 65 of its staff, most in administrative roles – would also be a key tenant.

12/09/19 | Community Grants awarded to groups across Kaipara

A recent funding round of the Kaipara District Council Community Grants awarded $99,995 to 23 groups across the Kaipara District.

29/08/19 | Independent report into Kaipara District Council resource consent process

An independent report conducted by Burnette O’Connor from Barker & Associates was part of the Council agenda today (Thursday 29 August 2019). The report was a result of a Notice of Motion at an earlier Council meeting, undertaking an independent review of the processes and procedures used by Council’s regulatory team to measure the efficiency of consents processing and how outcomes could be improved.

29/08/19 | Council signs funding agreement from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF)

In February 2019 at Otamatea Marae the Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, with the support of Minister Shane Jones, announced funding from the PGF to increase resources to support regional economic growth for the Kaipara region.

15/08/19 | MELA Funds awarded for 2019

At its recent committee meeting, the Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account (MELA) Committee awarded a total of $118,754.55 of funding to various community projects around the Mangawhai Harbour.

24/06/19 | Council Candidate Evenings

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to stand for a role on your district or regional council?
Maybe as mayor? Possibly as a district or regional councillor?

Before you make up your mind there’s an opportunity to find out more on this year’s local government elections at a number of candidates’ information evenings. Hear about where the council is up to, what projects and challenges are on the horizon, and what sort of people council need to address the future.

18/06/19 | New Public Computers at Dargaville Public Library

Dargaville Library recently received new public computers. Gone are the five old PCs and in there place are a new colour printer, four Chrome stations and 12 Chromebooks with touch screens!
Free 24 hour wifi is still available around the building.

12/06/19 | Kaipara District Council received high marks for food audit

Kaipara District Council has achieved another exciting milestone following our Environmental Health accreditation assessment audit by Joint Accreditation Services Australia, New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) which closed with zero non-conformances. Kaipara is the first council to go through the Food accreditation programme without any non-conformities.

03/05/19 | Kaipara District Council agrees to sign Climate Declaration

At a council meeting held Thursday 02 May 2019 Kaipara District Council passed a resolution to sign the Local Government New Zealand Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration.

The declaration, facilitated by Local Government New Zealand, represents an aspirational call to action on behalf of regional and territorial authorities in the face of Climate Change.


23/03/18 | Kai Iwi Lakes Facilities Upgrade

Kai Iwi Lakes is to benefit from funding through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment allowing Kaipara District Council to progress its planned project for additional toilet facilities and a campervan dump station at Lake Waikare.

20/03/18 | Mayor meets Ministers from Vanuatu

Kaipara District Council were proud to host a delegation of government officials from Vanuatu recently, including Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Andrew Solomon Napuat.Vanuatu meets Kaipara.

23/02/18 | Kotui Software to Launch at Kaipara Libraries

Kaipara district libraries will turn a new digital page next month with the launch of their new library system, Kotui.

07/02/18 | Good Dog Ownership

Dogs are very special animals. They make great family pets or working dogs and can be extremely loyal. Dogs depend on their owners and their human family to provide for all of their needs to be met; the needs of warmth, shelter, food, water, medical care and adequate exercise for the size, type and breed of dog.

31/01/18 | Street Lights to be replaced in Kaipara

Kaipara District Council has secured a total budget of $1.20 million (comprised of shared funding from the government (85%) and Kaipara District Council(15%)) to accelerate its LED street lighting programme.