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Grants and Funds


Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Subsidy Fund/Kiwi Sport Travel Subsidy Fund

The Rural Travel Fund is designed to help subsidise travel for junior teams (5 to 19 year olds) participating in their local competition.
Rural Travel Fund Criteria:
The linking of the KiwiSport Fund to the Rural Travel Fund will address an identified barrier to increased numbers and opportunities for children in playing or gaining skills in sport.
Applications to the Fund must show travel funding used:
  • for either more students to access current opportunities or for students who currently participate to access new opportunities;
  • for either during school or out-of-school times;
  • for either primary or secondary school aged students;
  • in partnership with a school or club.
We are looking for applicants to match money from this Fund i.e. the amount being applied for must not total more than 50% of the total cost of your project (please note you must provide evidence of the other 50% - either letters from other funders confirming funding or bank accounts from you as the applicant proving funding is available).

There are two funding rounds per year, one in October and one in March.  For more information about how to apply and the next funding round, please contact the Council's Rural Travel Fund administrator Paula Guy Stuve on 0800 727 059, or email council@kaipara.govt.nz.

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Creative Communities NZ - Arts Funding

The Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) provides funding to communities so New Zealanders can be involved in local arts activities. The scheme supports a wide range of arts projects: “the arts” is defined broadly to mean “all forms of creative and interpretative expression”.
Projects must meet one or more of the following funding criteria:
  • Access and Participation – The project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in local arts activities.
  • Diversity – The project will support the diverse artistic, cultural traditions of local communities.
  • Young people – The project will enable young people (under 18) to engage with, and participate in the arts.
Applications for the first round of funding for 2016/2017 will open on 01 August 2016 and close at 4.30pm Friday 26 August 2016. (There are two rounds of CCS funding per year - one in February and one in August). Projects granted funding in the August round must take place between 01 October 2016 and 01 October 2017.

Please read the Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide to help you with your application.

For more information please contact Council's CCS Administrator Paula Guy Stuve on 0800 727 059.  

Online information and application forms on right 

Community Assistance Policy - Community Projects, Activities and Services Funding

Applications for Contracts for Service and Operational and Capital Discretionary Grants will open in December 2016 and close in early February 2017.

Operational Grant applicants will be notified of funding decisions in March/April 2017.  Contracts for Service and Capital Grant applicants will be notified of funding decisions in June/July 2017.

The next round of applications to the Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account (MELA) will open in November 2016, and will be advertised  closer to the time.  Funding will then be allocated at a Committee meeting in March 2017.

Applications to the Mayoral Fund and Licence to Occupy can be applied for any time of the year.

Kaipara District Council has funding available to support projects that will enhance the Kaipara District community, as part of its Community Assistance Policy.  Community organisations are encouraged to apply for this funding if they have projects, activities and services which meet the criteria of the Policy.
The objectives of the Community Assistance Policy and guidelines are:
  • Supporting community to help themselves;
  • Increasing and supporting volunteering;
  • Helping communities create the facilities and services that make them great places to live; and
  • Supplementing Council resources with community and other agencies resources so that collectively a higher level of service can be provided.
The Community Assistance Policy links on right.  The Policy contains information on eligibility, what needs to be supplied with applications and what Council will be looking for when considering applications.
For more in-depth information and criteria please refer to the Community Assistance Policy on right.
There are six different types of grants that community organisations can apply for:
  • Contract for Service is a formal agreement for the delivery of a service in Kaipara District to benefit Kaipara residents and visitors where there is a clearly recognised need for the services.  Refer criteria guidelines on right.
  • Operational Grants offer a one-off financial assistance to a not-for-profit organisation to further the purpose of that organisation.​ Criteria guidelines on right.
  • Capital Works Grants offer a one-off financial assistance to a not-for-profit organisation to further the purpose of that organisation.  These are for capital projects and can, on occasion, be in the form of a loan. Criteria guidelines on right.
  • Licence to Occupy is an agreement for a not-for-profit community organisation to locate on Council land or in a Council building through a Licence to Occupy.  An organisation may apply for a Licence to Occupy under Council's Community Assistance Policy.  Unlike other community assistance grants, an application for a Licence to Occupy can be applied for at any time of the year. Information and application forms on right.
  • Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account (MELA) grants are made for the benefit of Mangawhai Harbour and surrounds from the investment income from this fund. The Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account is managed under the Mangawai  (sic) Lands Empowering Act 1966.  A Committee of two Commissioners and two appointed members of the community will make the decisions on applications.  MELA Meeting and  application form on right.    
  • Mayoral Fund allows the Commissioners to use their discretion to make small financial grants to community projects outside the other sources and timeframes of Community Assistance.  The purpose of the Fund is to ensure that progress of these important projects is not impaired because of a small shortfall in funds. Application form on right.
For more information on grants please telephone Council on 0800 727 059 or email council@kaipara.govt.nz 

External Funding - GenerosityNZ
External funding opportunities for community groups and individuals information link on right.
You will need to enter your Kaipara library card number to access these funding databases.
Call 0800 727 059 for information on library membership.





Creative Communities Application form (PDF) or Word 

Creative Communities Brochure

Creative Communities Application Guide


Community Assistance Policy

Contract for Service Criteria Guidelines 

Operational Grants Criteria Guidelines

​​​Capital Works Grants Criteria Guidelines

Licence to Occupy Information

Licence to Occupy Application Form

MELA Application Form

MELA Meeting Information

Mayoral Fund Application Form




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