Tomarata Bridge

06 September 2019

In August we announced Fressynet as the preferred Contractor to repair the Tomarata/Insley St Bridge.  Over the last few weeks they have been working with Council to develop their methodology for undertaking the work with a focus on safety and minimising disruption.

You may have seen a recent letter which was delivered to a number of homes regarding the works and going forward we will be providing regular updates on progress.   

We’d like to add some further detail and explanation about the work to be undertaken and what the community can expect in regards to utilising the bridge while it’s under construction.

How long is this going to take?

The worst case programme is 6 months and it is likely that work will still be ongoing after the summer holiday.  But once the experts get in under the surface level, they will better understand the workload and rehabilitation work that needs to occur.

We appreciate that Christmas, and the start of summer brings a large volume of traffic along that roadway into Mangawhai and up the coast and we are working hard with NZTA to minimise the disruption and traffic hold ups.  The route to Mangawhai via Kaiwaka will be strongly promoted before and during the summer period.

The council and the contractor are working collaboratively to complete the works prior to peak summer period however the scope of repair has a bit of uncertainty, which will only be known once the contractors start to uncover the failures.

The first closure will occur the week of the 16th – 22 September, and will be a night closure, meaning traffic can continue through the day.  Three further closures have been approved and dates will be confirmed closer to the time.

What about the school/students?

We’re liaising with the school to manage the safety and closure to ensure minimum disruption. We will have an approved traffic safety plan to walk school children across the bridge should it be closed during school pick up and drop off (meaning parents don’t have to drive the detour). More information on this as it occurs will be made available.

What about Cames Road?

The main diversion for longer distance traffic will be via SH1 and the Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road.

Local traffic ls likely to use Cames Road however the road is not suitable for heavy vehicles.  While there is a diversion in place, Cames Road will have security in place to ensure the Bylaw is enforced, and no heavy vehicles will be allowed to use this diversion.

Why is the bridge being worked on?

The bridge is failing due to the corrosion of concrete and reinforcing elements of the structure and the level of corrosion infiltrated into the structure will only be known once the contractor commences with the demolition of the failed components.

Recent inspections after the award of the contract has uncovered further failures on the bridge abutment which was never part of the initial scope of repair. It’s vital to understand we are dealing with a dynamic structure which keeps changing.