RB Digital Library-801Features

  • Over 50 eMagazines
  • Free to library members
  • Download to your PC or portable device
  • Keep as long as you like
  • No checkout limits, no fines

What do you need to use the service?

  • to use the latest version of an internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or higher) to download magazines from RB digital
  • Your library card
  • An account created by using your email addess and password

N.B if you already subscribe to magazines via RB digital you can use the same log-in details.

To get started

1 Create an account

You will receive a welcome email to confirm your account has been created.

2 Find an eMagazine to check out

  • Use the search box or genre dropdown list to find an eMagazine to read
  • Click on the cover of the eMagazine you would like to read
  • Click 'Checkout' button

3 Read your checked out eMagazine

After you click 'Checkout', a pop-up box will open.

Online reading:

Click 'Start reading' to read eMagazines in a compatible browser on any mobile device or computer

Offline reading:

  • Phones and tablets: There are two RB digital apps to choose from:

RB digital for Libraries app – use this if you only want to see eMagazine titles that are free from your library. It has a cleaner interface.
Android/iPad and iPhone


The app is only for reading checked out magazines.

All checkouts need to be made through your account in Northland Libraries RB digital eMagazines website through an internet enabled browser.
Once checked out, your emagazines will be available to download/read simultaneously from Zinio.com and in any rg digital apps that you have linked to your RB digtial for Libraries' collection account.

  • PC or Mac: RB digital Reader 4
    This allows easier storage of back issues, organisation of titles, and bookmarks.
  • Chromebook and others:
    NO app available for offline reading, however online reading may be possible


If you are having problems please contact us, or check out: