Food Stalls

To prepare and or sell food from a stall you are required to register under the Food Act 2014. If you are an event organiser, market operator or food stall vendor, it is important you understand the council’s rules for food stalls in a market. The following rules are provided as a guide:

If you operate your food business under a Food Control Plan or National Programme you must:

  • display your food registration at all times in full view of the public
  • continue to manage your food stall under your registered food control plan or national programme whilst operating at a market.

If your food business does not meet the defined risk based measures (for example; a Food Control Plan or National Programme 1,2 or 3) you may be exempt from registration. If you are exempt from any of the above, you will need to register for an event with council by completing and submitting a One Day Event Application Form.

You can visit MPI website “Where do I fit?” as a simple and easy to help you discover if you need a Food Control Plan, or to operate under a National Programme, or can be exempt.

The following are forms to assist you:

Please refer to the current fees and charges register for costs relating to registering and operating a food business.