Proposed Fees and Charges 2021/2022

Kaipara District Council is required to consult on fees and charges for regulatory services, water supply, trade waste, solid waste and parks and reserves, but regularly chooses to consult on all its fees and charges.

The Statement of Proposal document includes a summary of the main changes proposed along with the full schedule of fees and charges showing the current fee or charge for 2020/21 and the proposed fee or charge for 2021/22.

Please note all fees and charges include GST except where noted.

Proposed changes

A summary of some of the proposed changes is outlined below. To see the full schedule of fees and charges showing the current fee or charge for 2020/21 and the proposed fee or charge for 2021/22 see the statement of proposal document. Please note all fees and charges include GST except where noted.

Resource Consent fees: The structure of Resource Consent application fees has been reviewed to align with other Councils in Northland and Auckland as well as some suggested inflationary increases and recommended amendments to wording to support current services offered.

Change from Instalment fee to Lodgement Deposit: This change gives the expectation that additional fees will be charged which supports customer expectations and aligns with Northlands approach. Simplification of one fee is proposed for Non-notified Land Use applications and another for Non-notified Subdivision applications rather than applying fees for multiple breaches and multiple lot subdivisions, with another fee for limited notified and publicly notified applications.

Professional fees: Recommend an increase in 3% to hourly rates to reflect LGCI and lack of increase in 20/21. An additional Post-Approval Officer rate has been included. Pre-applications: The current fee, adopted last financial year, is not covering the costs of staff involved. The change covers half an hour of administration, and 1 hour each of a planner and an engineer which is the likely minimum cost.

Removal of amalgamation condition fee: covered by administrative time charged.

Objections: outlining hearings are charged at actual costs.

Post Approval: specific rates to reflect council professional fees for officers involved in the process.

In Accordance check: inclusion of this check for consents and any changes being ‘in accordance.’

RMA hearing fees: deposit with actual and reasonable costs instead of current standalone fee.

Waiver of outline plan: no current acknowledgement of this process.

Dog Registration: No change.

Community Housing: Recommended increase for Fagan Place to $155 and the other locations to $135 per week based on no increase in the last two years and currently these rents are sitting at less than 50% of market rents whereas most councils are charging 65- 80% of market rates.

By-Laws: Applied provision for a person to apply for a permit to keep additional animals (e.g. Poultry) in a residential area as per the recent adoption of the Consolidated General Bylaws 2020.The fee covers the cost of a monitoring inspection.

Sale of Alcohol: Removal of a Temporary Licence fee as it is covered under the Temporary Authority fee.


  • The Licence to Occupy annual monitoring fee has been removed as recommended by NTA as advised it is usually for the benefit of both Council and the applicant.
  • A CPI inflation rate of 2% has been applied to roading charges.
  • A single charge to cover both Urban and Rural applications for No Spray zones has been applied based on current NTA guidelines.

Information Requests: Information requests (other than LIMs) are recommended to break the fee into 15-minute increments at $17, rather than a flat $68 fee.

Building Services: Recommended inflationary increases to some services. A review of the costs of inspecting private wastewater systems has resulted in an increase to include an hour inspection fee carried out by the in-house wastewater engineer.

Refuse Collection: A Waste Collection Licence application fee has been included this year. Contractors will now require a licence to operate and report data on a regular basis to Council i.e. disposal and diversion of refuse and recycling. The licence will be valid for 5 years and is less than other councils.

Water Carrier Charge: A new fee of $21 per fill plus water metre charge at cost has been included this year.