Technical Reports

The range of reports discussed on this page provide valuable baseline information for both our Spatial Planning Project and our District Plan Review as well as informing other work of Council, such as infrastructure planning and building consent matters.

Geo-technical reports

The research reports on geotechnical hazards in the District focus on geological characteristics and soil types. This analysis assists in determining any areas that may be unsuitable for development, and where earthwork activities and/or the removal of vegetation may be inappropriate due to land instability issues.

More information and the links to the individual reports can be found here.

Northland Regional Council hazard maps

Northland Regional Council has developed the following range of natural hazards maps that assist in current council decision-making processes as well as informing our planning activities:

  • Coastal Hazard Zones 
  • River Flood Hazard Zones
  • Land Hazard Zones
  • Tsunami Hazard Zones

Contaminants in soil

The National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health ensures that land proposed for development is assessed for soil contamination. Council is responsible for implementing the Standard and making assessments and associated decisions on activities that may have previously occurred on a property, or are currently still being undertaken.