Key Urban Areas - Spatial Plan (Dargaville, Maungaturoto, Kaiwaka)

The Kaipara District Council (the Council) wishes to enable sustainable development for the communities of Dargaville, Maungatūroto and Kaiwaka through spatial planning. This spatial plan is a holistic approach to facilitate and improve each town to enhance future social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing.
The wellbeing indicators for each of the towns are proposed to be measured annually and every three years through Council resident surveys, health data, environmental monitoring and economic information.

The Kaipara District has seen a relatively fast-paced growth in the last five years, driven mainly through a significant amount of rural living subdivisions and sustained growth in the Mangawhai urban area. Unfortunately, historical decisions around the Mangawhai Treatment Plant resulted in years of high Council debt levels, thus preventing very little infrastructure investment in these key urban towns. This effectively pushed residential and industrial activities to the rural areas where it was easier and cheaper to develop. The availability of zoned land for appropriate development in the towns was also not available.

Kaipara Spatial Plan -