Spatial Planning

What is Spatial Planning?

Spatial planning is a plan that maps out how you want your town and/or district to look in the future. It takes a long term and bird’s eye view of the District to provide a plan that will inform the strategic direction of the District Plan.

Our Spatial Plan

Our spatial planning work will focus on Dargaville, Maungaturoto, Kaiwaka and Mangawhai. Once completed, it will provide a broad strategic direction for investment in the District. It will also feed into the District Plan review process.

The Spatial Plan project is being undertaken to ensure the aspirations of our current and future residents, business operators, community groups Mana Whenua are appropriately planned for.

Your input

This project will ask you to think about how you want our District to look in 10, 20, 30 years’ time and what the needs of our future generations might be. This includes thinking about the needs of the diverse groups of people that make up our communities.

This includes, but is not limited to, thinking about:

  • How future communities may want to get around our towns (walking, cycling, driving)?
  • How we may want our towns to look and function?
  • What land is needed to improve economic benefits can be achieved (including agriculture/horticulture, Māori economy)?
  • Whether we need to set aside land for something?
  • How do we protect our towns from flooding?
  • What natural assets do we need to protect?
  • How is additional infrastructure going to be paid for?

As part of our District Plan review, we will be seeking your input to a Spatial Plan, which outlines development of preferred options for our major towns in Kaipara.

How will our Spatial Plan inform the District Plan review process?

Our current District Plan’s main development approach was to identify the key issues that were present at the time the Plan was being drafted.  This resulted in Objectives, Policies and Rules that reflected the situation at that time, but did not take potential future changes and community needs into account. 

Our Spatial Plan approach will ensure we focus the draft District Plan on not just our current issues, but also on our needs into the future.  This will result in a more holistic approach that will be vision driven, rather than having a set of rigid rules that are less able to accommodate future situations in our environment.

Tell us what you think

We will be asking you for your thoughts for various locations and stages of our Spatial Plan development over 2020. Please follow the link to our consultation page for further information.