District Plan Review

We have recently started the ten year review of our Operative Kaipara District Plan. This review is required by 2023, ten years after the current District Plan became operative.  At this stage Council is aiming to complete the review slightly ahead of time.

To help us develop the draft District Plan, we will be asking you for your feedback at various stages over the review period. Once we have finalised the draft District Plan, we will then be formally consulting with the community in accordance with the requirements of the Resource Management Act 1991. This formal consultation is currently scheduled to start in 2022. Follow the link to our consultation page for further information.


The review process has many stages due to the legislative requirements but there are two overall key parts of the review:

PART One – in progress:

  • Research and analysis
  • Initial community consultation to inform draft amendments to the Plan
  • Consultation with Mana Whenua

PART Two – due 2022

  • Formal consultation process on a draft District Plan

If you want to be kept informed of the process and any consultation events, please send an email to kdcdistrictplanreview@kaipara.govt.nz

Part One

Council has to consider a wide range of matters when undertaking a District Plan review.  Generally, these can be split into five topics:

1.    Technical matters

These include where our current and future flood prone areas are, what kind of soil types we have in the District and where they are and other matters.  These reports will also assist in the development of our Urban Development Capacity Strategy (often referred to as a Growth Strategy) which aims to outline where and how our District will develop in the future.  These technical matters are contained within reports commissioned by Council.

2.    Legislative requirements

A District Plan is required to either give effect to or reflect a broad range of other policies, plans or strategies as well as meeting the requirements of the Resource Management Act.  This ranges from National Environmental Standards to the Northland Regional Council Plan. Further information on this framework.

3.    Kaipara District Council policies and plans

Council has a number of its own documents that can and should influence a District Plan review.  This includes Spatial Plans for individual communities, our reserves and open spaces strategy and our bylaws. Information on our policies and plans.

4.    Community views

Of vital importance are our communities’ views on what natural assets need to be protected, how and where our communities should grow, and how to meet our needs into the future. While there is a formal consultation process once the draft District Plan has been developed, Council needs to listen to our residents and ratepayers first so the draft Plan can be developed with your input in mind.  To assist us in getting your feedback, Council will be preparing a series of discussion papers on key elements on our draft District Plan. These discussion papers will outline:

  • Identified concerns with the current provisions
  • Proposed options to better manage the issues
  • Council’s preferred option for discussion

Council’s aim is that these discussion papers provide you an opportunity to participate in the Kaipara District Plan review in the early stages before a draft Plan is written. We welcome your comments and feedback.   

5.    Mana whenua

Working together with Mana whenua to ensure the draft Plan reflects their aspirations and cultural values is a significant part of the work required to develop the draft District Plan.