Burial FAQs

This page contains information about burials in the Kaipara district.

Can you tell me where my relative is buried?

Often we can, however, we need to know their name, approximate date of death, and which cemetery. Otherwise, it may be best to contact the Northern Wairoa Genealogy Society who are located adjacent to the Northern Wairoa Museum.

Can I reserve a plot?

Cemetery plots can be purchased provided the fees for reserving are paid in full which are $1,420.00 (2017/2018 year). This includes the plot and maintenance. No other fees can be paid at this time. They must be paid at the time the plot is used.

Fees and Charges for the current year.

Are there crematorium in Kaipara?

There are no crematorium in Kaipara, you can find the locations of crematorium in Northland here.

What form do I need to fill out to purchase an Ash Wall plaque?

Fill out an Application for Interment form (although it is not an interment) which asks for all the details we want to know for our records.

What are the Cemetery Fees?

Cemetery fees are in the Fees and Charges which are set at the Annual Plan meeting each year and go from 1 July to 30 June. See current years fees and charges

What is the size for the brick on the ash wall?

The plaque to be put on the Ash Wall can be no bigger than 190mm x 65mm

What is the size for plaque for interred ashes?

The size for a plaque on an Ash Plot is 350mm x 220mm (average).

Can I put ashes in with a grave – if so what is the procedure – i.e. does the sexton dig the hole and does he fill it in or can the family do this?

​Ashes can be placed in a grave that is already used. The applicant must fill out an application for interment form to give us details for our records. The Sexton MUST dig the hole but the family can fill it in as usually the placing of ashes takes place on a weekend and the sexton does not have to be present because it is not a body that is being interred. The family can fill in the hole and the Sexton will tidy it up on the next working day. If the first lot of ashes are placed reasonably high up the grave there can be more ashes placed there in the future.
Who puts the plaques on the Ashes Plots etc. - Does the Sexton do this?
​If the monumental mason for a plaque for an ash plot is "Robinsons" from Whangarei they usually place the plaque when they are next over here. The family can do it themselves provided they keep within the boundaries of the plaque size. This must be done to a professional standard.

What are the headstone sizes for the full graves?

For plots in the lawn section of the cemetery the flat memorial can be a maximum 600mm X 600mm to fit within the berm.
For plots where upright memorials are permitted the base must be within 900mm long and 320mm deep with an average overall height not exceeding 600mm.

What are the procedures around Disinterment?

A List of the procedures and the appropriate forms for the DHB are available HERE
A flyer showing the basic procedure is available HERE