Dog Policy and Bylaw Review 2019

The new bylaw was adopted as part of the Council meeting Thursday 27 June 2019. 

The bylaw takes effect from Tuesday 09 July 2019.

Dog Bylaw Review Hearing dates and deliberations

All hearings are open to the public, and those who wish to speak will be contacted by council staff.

Combined hearing agenda and minutes 

Tabled at the hearings:



Deliberations agenda and minutes

Amended draft Bylaw for discussion at the Deliberations

  • Deliberations meeting from 9 am on Tuesday 04 June 2019 at the Dargaville Town Hall

All submissions received are public information.  You are welcome to view these submissions to see what advice the community has given to Council regarding which parts of the Draft Policy and Bylaw should be adopted as proposed and which should be amended.

Bylaw Review

Kaipara District Council is proposing new rules for dogs in the District and invites you to have your say.

Most people have a view on how dogs should be managed. In order to make an informed decision, Council needs to hear from both dog owners and non-dog owners.

Council is required under the Dog Control Act 1996 to adopt a Policy on Dogs and to adopt a Dog Management Bylaw to give effect to the Policy.  The Policy on Dogs sets out the approach Council takes to managing dogs in the District.  This includes setting areas where dogs must be kept on a leash and where dogs are not allowed.  The Dog Management Bylaw is the legal instrument which gives effect to the approach set out in the Policy (bylaws are legally enforceable, policies are not).  In addition, the Bylaw includes rules on picking up dog droppings in public places, wandering dogs, the number of dogs that may be kept in urban areas etc.  For this reason, it is useful to develop and consult on both the Policy and Bylaw at the same time.

Council has undertaken a review of the current Policy and Bylaw and has prepared a new draft version. Council invites you to review this draft and provide feedback (written submissions). This will include the opportunity for hearings. 

This is your opportunity to tell Council which aspects of the Draft Policy and Bylaw you like and would like to see retained when a final version is adopted, and which aspects you would like changed.  In particular, Council is interested to know if the community would like changes to the areas where the rules apply e.g. if dogs should be allowed off-leash in more areas?

The submission period ran until 4:30 pm Wednesday 10 April 2019.

The following documents are included here to assist you in preparing your submission:

Submissions can be made online through the online portal, sent by e-mail to, delivered to one of Council’s offices or posted to: Kaipara District Council, Private Bag 1001, Dargaville 0340.

Submissions closed 4:30 pm Wednesday 10 April 2019.