Poultry means any bird (including domestic fowls, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea-fowl, pheasants and pigeons) that is kept or raised for the purpose of sale or of producing eggs, hatching eggs or poultry products for human consumption, or for the purpose of rearing on behalf of another person.

In areas other than those zoned rural no poultry caged or otherwise (which shall include geese, ducks, pigeons, turkeys, and domestic fowls of all descriptions) shall be kept in any part of the district except in a properly constructed poultry house covered in with a rainproof roof and provided with a floor of concrete or other approved material with a surround nibwall, to which may be attached a poultry run.

Every poultry house shall be constructed in the matter required by this part of this bylaw and as required by the provisions of the Building Act 2004.

No poultry house or poultry run shall be erected or maintained any part of which is within 10m from any dwelling, factory, or any other building, whether wholly or partially occupied, or within 2m of the boundary of adjoining premises, or such greater distance as may be required under the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Every poultry run of whatever size shall be so enclosed as to confine the poultry within such poultry run.