Hearing Decisions 2020

31 January 2020

ON0045 – Rennieco Limited, on-licence renewal

ON0025 – Wood Street Limited, on-licence renewal and variation

SP1959 – Urbanaut Brewing Company Limited, special licence

CL0003 – The Dargaville Club Incorporated,  club licence renewal


5 February 2020

SP1964 - Fuzen Entertainment


7 February 2020

Special Licences

SP1961 – Mangawhai Club Incorporated

SP1962 – Maurice Hickford

SP1963 – Villa Italia Limited

SP1960 – Anna Blair

Renew Managers

MC0970 – Norma Blundell

MC1102 – Nathan Nola

Renew On and Off

ON0019 – Three Furlongs Bar and Grill

OF0017 – Three Furlongs Bar and Grill


10 July 2020

Special - SP1971

Renewal of Manager - MC1119 and MC1124

Renewal of Off Licence - OF0042 and OF0070


17 July 2020

On Licences



Special Licences



24 July 2020

New Manager

MC1156- PN Desai

MC1157- CR Darwin

Renew Manager

MC0756- EB Jackson

MC0990- JB Burt

MC1120- JL Brown


31 July 2020

Renewal of a Club Licence

CL0004- Dargaville Rugby and Sports Club

Renewal of a Managers Certificate

MC0167 Lai Har He

MC1125- Gregory Bryden Clarke

New Managers Certificate

MC1158 Brenton Reece Dix

MC1160 Keith Desmond Olney

Renewal of an On Licence

ON0024 Wiakira Tui Limited


14 August 2020

Special Licence

SP1974 Maungaturoto Memorial RSA Inc

SP1977 Dargaville Club Incorporated


31 August 2020


SP1976  MBFC

SP1978 H Stevens

Managers Renew

MC1126  H Tane-Corfield

MC0999 R Needham

MC1038 T Koloi

New Managers

MC1159 Jessica Stevenson

MC1163 Kara Reardon


11 September 2020

Special Licence

SP1983  Benjamin Sheppard

New Managers

MC1167 Katie Eagle

Renew Managers

MC1168  Jagdev Singh

MC0882 Jeffrey Wood

MC1128 Nichola Crocker

MC1129 Raymond Crocker

MC1130 Antony Thornton

Renew Off Licence

OF0059  Adams Family Enterprises Limited