Citizens Awards

Nominations for 2021 are open from 01 May - 31 May 2021.

Kaipara District Council awarded Citizens Awards annually from 2001 - 2012, based on recognition of the contributions and achievements of outstanding Kaipara citizens. We are now reinstating the annual Citizens Awards to show our commitment to recognising the contribution and achievements of individuals and organisations to the district.

Citizens Awards are awarded in recognition of substantial service, usually of a voluntary nature or beyond normal employment, benefiting Kaipara and its people. The nominees will have generally carried out predominantly voluntary work, but payment for services will not necessarily disqualify receiving an award. Applications will be assessed on their personal leadership, inspiration, sacrifice or devotion to a cause or made a significant contribution to the well‑being of the Kaipara district and its citizens.

The Citizens Awards process will open annually, and advertisements will call for nominations. These nominations may be made by any person or organisation, in the appropriate form. It is not necessary to have the consent of the person or organisation being nominated for the Awards. If the nomination is successful, consent will be obtained from the intended recipient before any announcement is made to the public.

A Citizens Awards Committee, comprised of three Councillors will assess the nominations received. The decisions of the Committee will be reported to Council. Council will then announce the recipients of the annual Citizens Awards. Council can acknowledge as many or as few recipients as it sees fit in each application round.

Council will, at its discretion, host a formal ceremony to acknowledge the recipients.

Nomination forms can be found here.

Read the full Citizens Awards policy.


Previous winners are:


  • Bert Sainsbury
  • Brian Burnett
  • Vanessa Fulton


  • Gordon Finlayson
  • Sally Parkinson
  • Albert (Albie) Paton
  • John Phillis


  • Christine Bygrave
  • Terri Donaldson
  • Bryce and Noelene Gatehouse
  • Norma Ker
  • Haki Wihongi


  • Colleen Preston
  • Bev Ross
  • Stella Woolnough
  • Valerie Mann
  • Lilian Radich
  • Kevin Friedrich

 2013-2016 [Commissioners' Term]

  • Neville Collins
  • Jacoba Puharich
  • Vern Stevens
  • Jo Yuretich
  • Sandra Grayson
  • Judy Langmuir
  • Josie Naysmith


  • Lorraine Benfield
  • Ken Chambers
  • Rosemary Jones


  • Jean Finlayson
  • Ron Halliday
  • Gordon Murray


  • Chris Biddles
  • Jenny Fenwick
  • Pete McInnes


  • Neil Clements
  • Betty Hawkes
  • Barry and Robyn Searle


  • Lindsay Hargreaves
  • David Orford
  • Nicholas Puharich


  • Janet Froggatt
  • Des Partington
  • Karen Smales


  • Dorothy Gardner
  • Jean Goldschmidt
  • Louise Pivac


  • Wyn Bradley
  • Ken Cashin
  • Dorothy Quaife


  • Maud Christie
  • Harry Baycroft
  • Mary Toia


  • Phyllis Mills
  • Earl Nicholas
  • Peter Jones


  • Roy Coombes
  • Edith Jones
  • Lola Trail


  • Shirley Bridge
  • Alan Flower
  • Marie Parore Larsen