Draft Mangawhai Spatial Plan

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Kaipara District Council engaged Campbell Brown Planning Limited and Urbanismplus Ltd on 9 July 2019 to prepare a Spatial Plan for Mangawhai using the “Inquiry-by-Design” method. This Spatial Plan is informed by all the existing Plans and Reports available for Mangawhai.

The Spatial Plan seeks to provide a roadmap for managing growth in Mangawhai over the next 30 years.  It will feed into both the proposed District Plan and the Infrastructure Strategy.

On 30/31 August 2019 the first public information meetings were held as well as discussions with Te Uri o Hau. With inputs obtained, the project team brought all their information to the table during workshops in October developing the Draft Spatial Plan.  This draft plan was discussed with the public on 9 December 2019.

An opinion survey was conducted over the December/January period to capture views of both the permanent residents and the visiting residents. This resulted in 149 responses highlighting:

  • Those areas that make Mangawhai unique need to be protected.
  • The need to provide for better housing choice and affordable options.
  • Single dwellings were preferred but smaller sections would be acceptable.
  • Medium density areas should be identified and limited.
  • Support to contain the growth in Mangawhai and not to expand in the rural hinterland
  • Rationalisation of the lifestyle areas around Mangawhai and retention and enhancement of ecological values.
  • Business and employment to be retained in existing areas and new opportunities provided.
  • Retention of the open space and walkways, and enhancement of community facility and playing fields.

With the aid of these responses the Draft Spatial Plan for Mangawhai was developed and adopted by council for final consultation with the public. The Plan promotes the Vision to;

  • Protect Mangawhai’s natural coastal setting;
  • Offer diverse and affordable living and working choices; and to
  • Celebrate local Iwi cultural heritage,

The Spatial Plan is divided into the following chapters

  • Natural environment
  • Iwi and Cultural
  • Three Waters
  • Living environment
  • Community
  • Employment
  • Transport

These chapters identify physical development areas and also make recommendations for actions and describe the potential options for the new District Plan.