General Election Signage Rules

General Election Signage Rules

If you want to put up election signs for the Central Government 2023 General Election you need to be aware of the rules. Local councils are responsible for regulating when, where and how election signs can be displayed within their jurisdiction. Election signs within Kaipara’s boundaries have to comply with some of the rules in our Control of Advertising Signs, General Consolidated Bylaw 2020 (the Bylaw) and the Electoral Act.

Election signs with an area no greater than 3m2 can be erected in approved locations within Kaipara’s boundaries starting from 12 August, which is 9 weeks before the election. They must be removed before midnight on the day before election day (Friday 13 October 2023). Signs must include a promoter statement, which includes the name and address of the individual or entity responsible for the sign.

Approved locations within Kaipara’s boundaries are identified in our local government elections signage areas and maps. A permit is required for any candidates or political parties wanting to erect a sign in the approved areas.

To request a permit please contact 

Please note that any sign erected without a permit will be removed by Council at the cost to the individual or entity responsible for the sign.

Any queries or complaints relating to election signage can be directed to or call 0800 727 059.  You can also report signage issues via our Antenno app.

See the Electoral Commission website for more information on Election signs.

Election Signs Adjacent to State Highways

All signs placed adjacent to or that can be seen from a State highway must follow the sign content rules set by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA). For more information see Waka Kotahi’s Electoral advertising (part 7, 7.1) or contact