COVID-19 Updates

Kaipara District Council is uniting with New Zealanders against the COVID-19. This page outlines the services that are available during the Government's COVID-19 Level 3 and Level 4 alerts.

This information may change. Please check for updates. 

Please refer to the following sites for information about the Government's response to COVID-19. 

Unite against COVID-19

This is the main government site containing information for individuals, businesses and community groups. It shows what help is available and latest updates.


Updates on specific areas of council, and how things have changed to combat COVID-19. 

You can still complete most of your business online

Register your service request online or phone 0800 727 059

You can use:

    • Direct Debit
    • Automatic Payment
    • Internet Banking or Bill Payment
  • Lodge a consent application

Many of the Council’s services will remain available online, for example

Animal Control

24 March 2020

Our Animal Management Officers will continue to respond to dog attacks.

Other services, such as random compliance checking and responding to complaints about barking dogs, are currently suspended.  

You can continue to use our online services to update your dog registrations.

Building Consents and Inspections

24 March 2020

  • We’re continuing to process applications for building consents as usual.
  • Meetings will be carried out by phone or video. You can contact our building consent officers by phone or email. 
  • Please lodge documents electronically. Any paper applications we have already received will be processed as normal but we will not accept any further applications by mail. Approvals will all be sent electronically. 
  • Fees must be paid online or by phone. We will not accept cheques or cash payments. 
  • There is no change to PIMs or LIMs.  
  • Compliance monitoring will not continue during Alert level 4.

Camping Grounds

All Council owned campgrounds will be shut from Thursday 26/03/2020.

Cemeteries and Burials

Please work with your undertaker to plan any burials.

Consent Monitoring and Compliance

24 March 2020

Consent monitoring and compliance services are suspended for the duration of the Level 4 alert.

Council Meetings

24 March 2020

The Council has established an effective governance system to operate during the pandemic to enable continuous decision making. Legislation requires us to meet in person, however we're working on how to minimise interactions. 

All committee meetings (including funding applications and briefings) are currently suspended.

We'll update you on new arrangements. 

Customer Services

24 March 2020

Our front desks at Dargaville and Mangawhai are closed but our people are still working behind the scenes to continue to provide essential services

You can report a problem online or email us at, or contact us by phone.

You can also make your payments online


Food Inspections and Compliance

24 March 2020

Food Handling monitoring

As of 25 March 2020 there will be no more verification inspections during the four week period. Environmental Health Officers are available via the normal online/phone channels, however there will be no site visits. 

Should a Food Safety, or public health issue arise, it will be managed and dealt with where appropriate. 

Invoices and Suppliers

24 March 2020

Invoices will continue to be paid as normal. We have robust continuity plans in place to ensure you will still be paid.

Libraries (Dargaville & Community)

24 March 2020

  • Join online as a digital member and start reading straight away sign up through the “join the library” section of our website.
  • If you can’t remember your four-digit PIN number to access online services please phone us.
  • Please call the library on 0800 532 542 or 439 3150. If no reply leave a message and we will get back to you.
  • We are keeping our Facebook & Instagram updated regularly with information about loaning digital items, great ideas to tackle boredom and children’s activities.
  • Our library website has help for accessing digital items as well as links to interesting activities. Why not virtually visit 12 of the best museums of the world from your couch?
  • Get free access to our  ebooks, eaudio, digital magazines and newspapers.
  • If you need help setting up digital products please phone us for advice.
  • All Kaipara Libraries are now closed until further notice
  • Our library management system will extend all loans, stop sending notices and no fines will occur. This may take a few days so ignore any messages received from us about your loans.
  • After hours return slots are closed. Please keep all items at home.

Public Events and Council Venues

All Council venues are closed and public events on Council land are cancelled.

Public Parks and Toilets

24 March 2020

Our parks are open for you to enjoy but all events have been cancelled. Please adhere to the physical distance rules. 

Please stay off all playgrounds, gym equipment and skateparks, as we're trying to reduce the amount of areas people can touch. 

Public Toilets


The following toilets are Closed - All others are opne, but cubicles may be reduced to allow for cleaning and maintenance. 

Wood Street, Mangawhai

Matakohe Toilets

Pahi Toilets

Jaycee Park Dargaville

Te Kopuru (Norton Street)

All Taharoa Domain Toilets


Resource Consents

24 March 2020

  • We’re continuing to process existing and new applications.
  • Any paper applications we have already received will be processed as normal but we will not accept any further applications by mail. 


    Meetings will be carried out by phone or video including pre-application meets. You can contact our planners by phone or email.
  • Please email applications to
  • Fees must be paid online or by phone. We will not accept cheques or cash payments.
  • There is no change to PIMs or LIMs.
  • We are not doing site inspections at present but we will progress the application as far as we can. Please send site photos with your application and the reporting planners be in touch. 


25 March 2020

All non-essential Roading projects are on hold. We’ll make road works safe, reduce excess traffic management. Roading is an essential service, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the condition of roads for those essential personnel who need it. We ask people to respect road speed signs if you have to travel.

Rubbish Collections

24 March 2020

From Thursday 26/03/20 both the Hakaru and Dargaville Transfer Station will be closing to the public, general rubbish kerbside collection will continue as normal (there will be no Recycling kerbside collection). Only change is if you're normally collected on a Friday, this will now be collected on a Thursday instead of a Friday (this includes Mako St, Dargaville - Tangiteroria - Tangowahine Valley, Avoca Road and Waihue).

To keep our Contractors and their families safe please - If you have rubbish that has been generated in an infected household or where someone is in isolation please double bag and seal. Please do not put this rubbish out until a period of 72 hours has passed since producing it.

Swimming Pool

24 March 2020

The Kauri Coast Community Pool, managed by Sport Northland, is closed.

Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater

24 March 2020

The water supply, wastewater and stormwater are essential services and will continue throughout the lockdown.

While you are home, please remember we are still in a drought and use water sensibly.

We’ll use estimates for reading water meters, and adjust accounts after the next reading.

Waipoua Forest

25 March 2020

Te Roroa have placed a Rahui over the Tane Mahuta boardwalk and Kauri Walks of Waipoua. These areas are now closed. Please do not enter.