Smokefree Policy Review (2018)

Council sought feedback on a proposed Smokefree Kaipara Policy. Council currently has a Smokefree Parks and Playgrounds Policy in place. This policy aims to educate Kaipara’s communities and visitors to not smoke around Tamâriki/children. The policy helps to provide safe and healthy spaces and de-normalise smoking for our Tamâriki/children. The proposed Smokefree Kaipara Policy wishes to expand Council’s current policy to provide a large number of areas and public places where both smoking and vaping are discouraged. This is to ensure greater protection for our Tamâriki/children. Both the current and proposed policies support the central governments target of being smokefree by 2025. 

In August 2018, Council established a panel, being Councillors Curnow, Joyce-Paki and Wethey, to consider submissions and make recommendations to Council.

A meeting of the panel was held on Monday 12 November 2018. 

Read the current Smokefree Policy.