Road Seal Extension Policy (Private Seal Policy)

Roading is Council’s single largest spend and is of significant public interest, particularly in relation to the sealing of unsealed roads. Occasionally Council is approached by local ratepayers and/or residents seeking the mechanism for sealing of their respective roads. It is therefore necessary to have a consistent and transparent approach to private requests for seal extensions.

Summary of Policy

The Road Seal Extension Policy 2018 is a non-statutory policy that identifies how private requests for seal extensions will be considered, prioritised and funded.

The objective of the Policy is to set out, in a clear and transparent manner, Council’s criteria for considering private seal extension requests from ratepayers and/or residents. It outlines how and when Council will enter into arrangements with ratepayers and/or residents to ensure consistency, fairness and equity.

The Policy covers the following matters:

  • Background
  • Objective
  • Definitions
  • Guidelines
  • Funding criteria
  • Future Maintenance

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