Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy Review (2018)

The Gambling Act 2003 regulates gambling activity in New Zealand, and while the majority of gambling is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, Kaipara District Council plays a small regulatory role. Council is required, under s101 of the Gambling Act to adopt a Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy.
Council is required to review the Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy every 3 years.
Council staff reviewed this Policy, and in July 2018 reported to the Council their findings. This was presented through a Review Report, which considered the social impact of gambling, and the Policy’s effectiveness to date.

Council resolved to direct the Chief Executive to investigate amendments to the Class 4 Gambling Policy, and this was reported back to Council in September 2018. At the Council meeting on 27 September 2018, Council resolved to adopt a Statement of Proposal, and an accompanying draft Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy to consult on.

The consultation period ran from 2 October 2018 until 5pm 5 November 2018. The submissions can be found here.

The hearing was held on 28 November 2018.

The following items were tabled:

The deliberations meeting was held on 28 November 2018.