Taharoa Domain Bylaw 2018

The Kai Iwi Lakes (Taharoa Domain) Reserves Management Plan 2016 (RMP) provides direction on the management of the Taharoa Domain. The proposed bylaw provides for a mechanism to give effect to this direction. In the absence of the bylaw there are no enforcement options to compel people to comply with the direction in the RMP.

This includes restricting motorised boats on Lakes Waikare and Kai Iwi to those power‑driven vessels (power boats) that have been specifically authorised as safety vessels for events, vessels for scientific and research purposes, or vessels for management operations while also allowing non‑motorised boat activities to occur. The bylaw also provides for how those permissions can be obtained. The RMP also promotes the need to undertake biosecurity checks of boats and gear if requested, the bylaw seeks to support this.

In the interests of health and safety and to protect the surroundings of the Lakes within the Taharoa Domain it is also proposed to put rules in place around the boat ramp and around traffic movements.

The submissions for the Taharoa Domain Bylaw closed on 08 February 2019. Council appointed the Mayor Smith (Chair), Ric Parore, Sonny Nesbit, Councillor Joyce-Paki and Councillor Andrew Wade to hear submitters and make recommendations to Council. The Hearing was held on Monday 25 March 2019 and Deliberations on Friday 05 April 2019.