Speed Review Bylaw and Tara Road 2018

Council is proposing to amend the posted speed limit in the area of Moir Street, Tara Road from the intersection with Moir Street to Darmah Lane, and 300m of Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road. Council are also proposing to make amendments to the “body” of the Speed Limits Bylaw 2005. These additional changes to the body of the Bylaw update the text to reflect new legislation and to clarify some matters. The amendments to this part of the Bylaw do not impact on the effect of the bylaw.

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The review area extends from Moir Street, at a point 280m west of Insley Street where the current 50km/hr to 70km/hr speed limit boundary is located, to a point on the Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road, 300m to the west of the intersection with Tara Road. The review area also includes Tara Road, from the intersection with Moir Street to a point 100m north of Darmah Lane (refer map below).


Why are we reviewing the speed limit?

Council’s programme of improved pedestrian access to new and existing sub-divisions includes a new footpath along Tara Road. The new footpath connects to the existing Moir Street footpath, which currently terminates at the Mangawhai Domain. The footpath includes two additional uncontrolled pedestrian crossing on Moir Street and Tara Road (the location still to be determined). A new uncontrolled pedestrian crossing will also be required on Moir street near Wilson Street to accommodate new developments.

The proposed lower speed limit will:

  • Improve alignment with current and future land-uses in the area
  • Significantly increase pedestrian safety, particularly at new crossing points
  • Significantly lower the risk of serious injury crashes resulting from direct access onto the main carriage way.