Alcohol Control Bylaw 2018

The alcohol control bylaw provides the structure for creating alcohol control areas. This includes both permanent and temporary alcohol controls. Alcohol controls apply to public places and not private residential dwellings or private residential sections.

The bylaw also allows for exceptions within an alcohol control area for events and special occasions. Applications for exceptions for these must be made to Council and may or may not be granted.

Alcohol Control Areas

The following areas show where an alcohol control area is in place. People are not allowed to drink or possess alcohol in theses alcohol control areas, whether in the open or in a car during the hours stipulated on the map. This does not apply to travelling  alcohol.

Alcohol Bylaw Review 2018

Council undertook a review of this bylaw in 2018. Details and information on this review can be found below.

Submissions closed on 28 September 2018.

A Hearing was held on Tuesday 16 October 2018 for those submitters who indicated they wished to be heard.

A meeting was held on Friday 26 October 2018 for the panel to deliberate on its recommendation to Council.