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Consultation Document

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Mangawhai Community Plan

Fees & Charges

Briefing Information
(This is all the information presented to Council at public briefings around the building of the Long Term Plan 2018/2028)

Activity Profiles

Community Activities
District Leadership, Finance and Internal Services
Flood Protection
Planning & Regulatory
Roads & Footpaths
Solid Waste
Water Supply

Asset Management Plans

Northern Area Land Drainage
Raupo Land Drainage
Reserves and Open Spaces
Roads & Footpaths
Solid waste
Water Supply


Development Contributions Policy
Financial Strategy
Financial Contributions Policy
Funding Impact Statement & Maps (Rating Tools) 2018-2019
Prospective Financial Statements
Revenue & Financing Policy
Revenue & Financing Policy Activity Analysis
Significant Forecasting Assumptions
Treasury Policy

Rating Policies

Maori Freehold Land Rates Policy
Early Payment of Rates Policies
Rates Postponement & Remission Policy


Infrastructure Strategy
Reserves Contributions (Use Of) Policy (Existing)
New - Reserves Contributions (Use Of) Policy (Draft)
New - Catchment Maps Proposed Map One and Proposed Map Two