December 2018

November 2018

  • Clive Boonham Legal advice relating to oldest debt first policy
  • Clive Boonham Crown Manager reports
  • Clive Boonham Payments to Graham Sibery
  • Katie Scotcher Bullying and harassment complaints
  • Peter Rothwell Number of subdivision applications
  • Taxpayers Union Payments to Industry and Lobby groups
  • Taxpayers Union Payments to associations
  • Julia Wade Dogs at 293 Kings Road
  • Stuff NZ Staff Christmas expenses
  • Taxpayers Union On hold music costs
  • Taxpayers Union Council fleet number and costs
  • Taxpayers Union Electricity costs
  • Taxpayers Union A4 printer/copier paper costs
  • Taxpayers Union Costs of Koha
  • Taxpayers Union Staff salaries over $200,000
  • Andrew Watkins Building consent statistics

October 2018

  • Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates invoices (3rd query)
  • Peter Rothwell Property file for Lot 31 DP 152387
  • Joel Cayford Mangawhai Point subdivision - Jessie Trust
  • Joel Cayford Wastewater Development Contributions payable and triggers
  • Gary Serjeant Personal complaints
  • AA Northland  Parking infringements and revenue generated
  • Aaron Norman Dog control in Dargaville
  • Kerry Sorensen-Tyrer Recycling
  • Henderson Reeves Transferred from WDC – Tangiteroria Tavern water sample
  • Clive Boonham Incorrect rates invoices

September 2018

  • Peter Rothwell 41 Kahurangi Lane property information
  • Mina Henare Li Liangran Subdivision
  • Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates notices
  • Mina Henare Tinopai Emergency Service Building 
  • Hilary C Council's Code of Conduct Policy 

August 2018

  • Consents for 111 Kai Iwi Lakes Road
  • Concrete work completed on lower Tara Road
  • Stormwater - 68 Jack Boyd Drive, Mangawhai Heads
  • Flights and International Trips
  • Te Kopuru Wastewater
  • Dogs uplifted from Te Kopuru and Dargaville
  • Taxpayers Union Auditor and borrowing costs
  • Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates notices
  • Taxpayers Union Employees involved with Provincial Growth Fund and emails
  • Philip MacDonald Capital infrastructure projects and costs
  • Clive Boonham Legal costs and payment to Peter Winder
  • Taxpayers Union Mayors vehicle
  • Craig Moriarty Mangawhai Wastewater Scheme

July 2018

  • Number of employees in public library service
  • Average Council Rates
  • Communications RE: Lot 2 DP 330158 and Lot 47 DP 378455
  • Buildings on Lot 1 DP 434546
  • Tangowahine Valley Drainage District
  • Consent information for 49 Devich Road
  • Property Information for Lot 1 DP 481468
  • Childcare Providers