December 2018

Alan Preston Solutions to enhance traffic flows through Mangawhai Village
Peta Berry Chicken Farms in Kaipara
Housing NZ Noise complaints for 76 Gordon Street, Dargaville
Andrew Lawler Swimming Pool inspections
Charlotte Wilson Sale of Tomarata Road property and dwelling at campground
Kristy Hoare Consents for solar photovoltaic systems
Henderson Reeves Tangiteroria Tavern water samples
Steve Hull Complaints and processing - Dargaville Funeral Services

November 2018

Clive Boonham Legal advice relating to oldest debt first policy
Clive Boonham Crown Manager reports
Clive Boonham Payments to Graham Sibery
Katie Scotcher Bullying and harassment complaints
Peter Rothwell Number of subdivision applications
Taxpayers Union Payments to Industry and Lobby groups
Taxpayers Union Payments to associations
Julia Wade Dogs at 293 Kings Road
Stuff NZ Staff Christmas expenses
Taxpayers Union On hold music costs
Taxpayers Union Council fleet number and costs
Taxpayers Union Electricity costs
Taxpayers Union A4 printer/copier paper costs
Taxpayers Union Costs of Koha
Taxpayers Union Staff salaries over $200,000
Andrew Watkins Building consent statistics

October 2018

Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates invoices (3rd query)
Peter Rothwell Property file for Lot 31 DP 152387
Joel Cayford Mangawhai Point subdivision - Jessie Trust
Joel Cayford Wastewater Development Contributions payable and triggers
Gary Serjeant Personal complaints
AA Northland  Parking infringements and revenue generated
Aaron Norman Dog control in Dargaville
Kerry Sorensen-Tyrer Recycling
Henderson Reeves Transferred from WDC – Tangiteroria Tavern water sample
Clive Boonham Incorrect rates invoices

September 2018

Peter Rothwell 41 Kahurangi Lane property information
Mina Henare Li Liangran Subdivision
Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates notices
Mina Henare Tinopai Emergency Service Building 
Hilary C Council's Code of Conduct Policy 

August 2018

Consents for 111 Kai Iwi Lakes Road
Concrete work completed on lower Tara Road
Stormwater - 68 Jack Boyd Drive, Mangawhai Heads
Flights and International Trips
Te Kopuru Wastewater
Dogs uplifted from Te Kopuru and Dargaville
Taxpayers Union Auditor and borrowing costs
Clive Boonham Reason for late delivery of rates notices
Taxpayers Union Employees involved with Provincial Growth Fund and emails
Philip MacDonald Capital infrastructure projects and costs
Clive Boonham Legal costs and payment to Peter Winder
Taxpayers Union Mayors vehicle
Craig Moriarty Mangawhai Wastewater Scheme

July 2018

Number of employees in public library service
Average Council Rates
Communications RE: Lot 2 DP 330158 and Lot 47 DP 378455
Buildings on Lot 1 DP 434546
Tangowahine Valley Drainage District
Consent information for 49 Devich Road
Property Information for Lot 1 DP 481468
Childcare Providers