Stock includes horses, goats, pigs, cows, sheep and other animals.

Keeping stock in urban areas

Any person keeping stock in an urban area shall be required to first obtain a permit and shall ensure that premises where stock are kept meet the provisions of the First Schedule to this part of the bylaw.

Keeping stock in a rural area

Stock are permitted in rural areas as of right. They must, however, be contained within the property and not permitted to wander. 

Stock welfare

If you are concerned about the welfare of stock, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry for farm animals or the SPCA for any animals.

Wandering stock

If you see stock wandering unrestricted on public land, please contact us.

Impounded stock

Any stock reported to Council as wandering on public land may be impounded. If stock is not recovered by the rightful owner, and all appropriate fees are not paid in the prescribed time, Council may auction off the stock to recover all costs incurred with the impounding process. Council advertises the auction details in the local newspaper stating the date and venue of the auction. Generally the auctions are held at either of Council’s stock pounds. For information on impounding fees, please refer to Council's fees and charges.

Stock damage to private property

Any damage caused by stock to any private property is a civil matter between the stock owner and the complainant.