Our Plan - Opportunities for our District

The Kaipara District has numerous opportunities to develop its economy, attract tourists and create jobs.  While Kaipara’s economy will continue to be founded on its primary industries, Council hopes to foster a rise in tourism and create an environment that will attract and retain industry.    
Local Business
Economic studies around the globe consistently link entrepreneurship with job creation, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and long term productivity increases.  We want to foster a sustainable and vibrant economy that will ‘create a climate’ that will empower business people, workers and attract investment and visitors to our community.
We want to foster ‘home grown’ initiatives consistent with the culture, location and natural resources of the Kaipara overlaid with the realities of changing circumstances; to allow for adaptation, innovation and improvement.  We want to nurture local businesses and communities and attract new businesses to the area.  What we want to see is a community that thrives on the rural lifestyle and the natural environment where cultural and environmental values are enhanced and embraced.
Kaipara’s stunning natural environment, distinctive rural charm and fascinating history make it a great place to visit and explore.  Kaipara District Council endeavours to foster tourism through its support of Information Centres, Museums and establishment of a Cycle Trail from Auckland to the Hokianga Harbour and the Far North via Pouto and Dargaville.
The Primary Sector – Farming and Forestry

The majority of Kaipara’s GDP stems from its strong primary sector, particularly dairy and forestry though kumara growing and sheep and beef farming are also important.  On-going innovations and asset improvements continue to increase the productivity of the primary sector with export volumes continuing to grow.  Kaipara District Council continues to support the primary sector by maintaining the roading network which provides access to rural areas and fast business links to ports and processing sites.

Industry and Manufacturing

The Kaipara District is home to numerous industrial, manufacturing and processing facilities.  Larger examples include the Dargaville Meatworks, Maungaturoto Dairy Factory and Kaihu Sawmill.  In addition, numerous smaller manufacturing businesses make everything from doors to concrete troughs to boats.  Kaipara District Council attempts to foster an environment that is accommodating of industrial establishment, recognising its contribution to employment and the economy, while still protecting the natural character that makes Kaipara such a great place to live and explore.



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