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Privacy Statement

Kaipara District Council is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This Privacy Policy governs the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by us in connection with this website. It has been prepared in accordance with our obligations and your rights set out in the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. 

Kaipara  District Council reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time and for any reason. By using this website, you consent to Kaipara District Council's use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy (as amended from time to time).

For more detailed information please refer to The Privacy Act 1993 and its amendments.

The Privacy Act sets out 12 information privacy principles dealing with the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information, and the assigning of unique identifiers. The principles also give you a right to access information about yourself and to ask for it to be corrected. In outline the 12 principals are:

  1. Purpose of collection of personal information.
  2. Source of personal information.
  3. Collection of information from subject.
  4. Manner of collection of personal information.
  5. Storage and Security of personal information.
  6. Access to personal information.
  7. Correction of personal information.
  8. Accuracy, etc., of personal information to be checked before use.
  9. Agency not to keep personal information for longer than necessary.
  10. Limits on use of personal information.
  11. Limits on disclosure of personal information.
  12. Unique identifiers.

The Act applies to the Kaipara District Council.

In compliance with The Act the Kaipara Council holds certain information about rate-payers and residents of the Kaipara District. This information is required for lawful purposes used in the functioning of the Kaipara District Council. This information is sourced in accordance with principal 2 of The Act. Access requests You can make a request orally or in writing for access to personal information held by the Kaipara District Council. The Kaipara District Council must make a decision on your request and notify you of it as soon as practicable - and in any case not later than 20 working days after receiving your request. Kaipara District Council may, in certain circumstances, extend the time limit by notice to you.


If you believe an agency may have breached the Privacy Act, or if you are not sure of your obligations as an agency, you can call the Privacy Commissioner's privacy hotline: 0800 803 909.


Conditions of Use


The preparation and provision of the information on this website has been made in good faith from a number of sources that are believed to be reliable. While all due care has been taken, Kaipara District Council does not give any warranty that any information contained is accurate. Kaipara District Council does not invite any visitor to this website to act upon any information within this website.

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