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Speed limits on Ripiro Beach

speed limit 1 BB-851-734

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Kaipara District Council is committed to Road Safety in our district

As part of this we encourage you to report bad drivers behaviour through the link on the right to NZ Police. 

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and huge progress has been made in Northland over the last few years.  New Zealand still has a high ratio of road deaths for the population.

Road improvements have contributed to an estimated drop of 11% in rural road deaths and 15.8% drop in urban road deaths. Together we can lower these even more.

Drive safely on Ripiro Beach

Beaches are a place for everyone to enjoy so share with care.  Drive slowly and carefully near other users:
  • Watch out for people, dogs, horses, fishing lines and wildlife;
  • Do not block accesses onto the beach;
  • Keep off the sand dunes - this is where most accidents occur and damage is caused;
  • Avoid driving over shellfish beds - these can be damaged by vehicles;
  • When you are out of your vehicle watch out for other vehicles and supervise children closely.
Take Care!
Driving on Ripiro Beach can be hazardous
  • Check the tide before you go and avoid driving on the beach near high tide - you could become trapped.
  • Drive on the hard, damp sand below the high tide line;
  • Drive to the conditions - they can change rapidly on the beach;
  • There are areas of very soft sand on Ripiro Beach which are not always easy to see - seek local advice and if in doubt - do not go!
  • Slow down for all stream crossings;
  • If you find yourself getting stuck, try reversing out over your tracks or try lowering your tyre pressures - taking a shovel is recommended;
  • Parts of Ripiro beach are very remote and cellphone coverage can be very limited, climbing a hill might solve this. 
If you want to report inappropriate vehicle use on a beach, contact the appropriate agency below:
  • Dangerous driving or unsafe vehicle - Police;
  • Driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol,  or abusing other beach users - Police;
  • Underage driver - Police;
  • Damage to sanddunes/or dune plants,  vehicles on Conservation land - Department of Conservation or on Council reserves - Kaipara District Council;
  • Disturbance of birds/wildlife - Department of Conservation;
  • Noise complaint - Kaipara District Council;
  • Rubbish dumping - Kaipara District Council;
  • Oil/diesel spill - Northland Regional Council.
Try to provide as many details as you can including:
  • The date, time and location;
  • The make, model and registration of the vehicle(s) involved;
  • Photographs clearly identifying the vehicle, driver and number plate, if possible.
Contact numbers:
Kaipara District Council 0800 727 059
Northland Regional Council (24/7) Environmental Hotline 0800 504 639
Department of Conservation (24/7)  0800DOCHOT line or 0800 362 468
Police; in an emergency dial 111 or *555 from your mobile to report unsafe driving.
Speed limits on Ripiro Beach
The areas around the beach entrances at Glinks Gully and Baylys (shown in red on the pictures to the left of page) now have a 30km/h speed limit in place along Ripiro Beach. The usual open road limit applies on the rest of the beach. 
Remember that the beach is a legal road so follow the road rules - wear safety belts or helmets at all times, use your indicators, keep below the speed limit and never drink and drive.



NZ Police *555 and Roadwatch

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