Request for Proposals

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Request for Proposals - Dargaville Mural


  1. Introduction

Kaipara District Council’s Community Team is calling for proposals from experienced local artists seeking to design and paint murals on a public toilet facility within the Dargaville township, located at the band rotunda land on Victoria Street, Dargaville.

  1. Site Description

The public toilet facility is located on the band rotunda land on Victoria Street, Dargaville.  This is a public area, and the public toilets facility is owned and maintained by Kaipara District Council and are located on Council‑owned land.


The images below show the facilities that will become the mural sites:

Mural 1-311 Mural 2-171 Mural 3-144


  1. Project Brief

Council is seeking to inject colour and vibrancy into its recreational spaces through the development of murals on their public toilet facilities located in popular public spaces.

Dargaville has an active artist community, however this is not particularly apparent in publicly accessible areas throughout the township.

It is anticipated that murals on these facilities will be engaging and contribute towards creating a sense of place, through celebrating the identity, character and environment of Dargaville. It will also enhance the look and feel of these public spaces and celebrate local artists.

Factors to take into account for this location:

  • Design reflects artistic originality, innovation and quality;
  • Environmental factors, including weather, wind, salt water exposure, birds, potential vandalism etcetera;
  • The public toilet facilities need to be visible and show required signage; and
  • It is anticipated that the mural will wrap around the exterior of the facility similar to the example below:

    Mural 4-929

Band Rotunda Toilets:

  • Design reflects the relaxed coastal aesthetic; and
  • Colour palette compliments the surrounding environment, while ensuring the public amenity is visible.


  1. Timeframe

Council staff will negotiate timeframes for installation with the successful artist, to ensure the facilities are available for use during peak holiday season.


  1. Budget

Kaipara District Council will cover all costs relating to the mural, this means that all proposals will need to clearly establish full cost, that include:

  • Meetings between Council staff and artist;
  • Site preparation (cleaning, water blasting, undercoat etcetera);
  • Paint, including graffiti guard;
  • Other materials (brushes, drop sheets, masks, tape etcetera);
  • Artist’s fee; and
  • Artist’s travel expenses.


  1. Submission of Proposals

If you are interested in producing this mural project, please submit the following information to the project coordinator either by email, or in person (details below):

  • Brief artist’s biography;
  • Up to five images of previous work (ideally mural work but not essential);
  • An indicative design;
  • Brief paragraph about what you intend to do and why you are interested in this project;
  • Plan of how you intend to meet the project brief; and
  • Project budget.


Council’s Community Team will then decide on the final design, based on meeting the above brief.

Prior to construction of the mural, Council staff will work with the successful artist to ensure an adequate health and safety plan is in place.


  1. Contact

Proposals are invited for the above scope of works by 5:00 PM on Monday, 9 July 2018 to Alternatively, proposals can be hand delivered to Council’s Dargaville Office; attention Lara Stott.


Online requests 

Kaipara District Council
0800 727 059 (24 Hours)
Phone: +64 9 439 7059


Office hours: 8 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

Address: 42 Hokianga Road, Dargaville 0310
Address: Unit 6, The Hub, 6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai 0505

Mail: Private Bag 1001, Dargaville 0340


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