Representation Review

Every six years all councils in New Zealand review their representation arrangements, as required by the Local Electoral Act 2001.

Kaipara District Council is in the process of deciding what representation arrangements it will use for its next two elections, so the outcome of the current review will apply to the 2019 and 2022 elections.

The decision will be informed by staff research into the demographic and social considerations, pre-consultation sessions and a period of formal public consultation.

We undertook an informal survey to gauge feedback for elected member which was available until 5pm Friday 18 May 2018.  

What is happening

The matters up for consideration in the current Kaipara District Council Representation Review are:

  • the number of wards,
  • how representatives are elected, from wards, 'at large' (i.e. by the whole district) or a mix of both
  • the number of Councillors

What is NOT happening

The electoral system (i.e. how the voting works) used for Council's triennial elections is not up for review at this time.

Councils are required by the legislation to periodically to consider the options of Single Transferable Vote (STV), which is Kaipara District Council's current system, or First-Past-the-Post (FPP), which is used for some other councils' elections. However Council's resolved to retain Single Transferable Vote for the 2019 election at it's meeting on 08 May 2017.

Council will not be reviewing Maori wards at this time as a decision was made previously. 


13 April Briefing Agenda
April/May Pre-consultation  
30 May Council Workshop Agenda (9.30 am, Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall, Hokianga Road, Dargaville)
20 June Council Workshop Agenda (9.30 am, Maungaturoto Country Club, Bickerstaffe Road)
26 July Council meeting (initial proposal resolved)  
After meeting in July One month of formal consultation  
September Hearings held  
October Council meeting (final proposal)  
20 December  Appeals to LGC close  


15 January  Submit all materials to LGC, if an appeal is lodged
February/March LGC Hearings
11 April  LGC determine the outcome of their investigation

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