Alcohol Bylaw Review 2018

Council is consulting on the draft Alcohol Control Bylaw between 28 August and 28 September 2018.

Why are we reviewing the Bylaw?

Changes to the legislation that governs how Councils make Alcohol Control Bylaws require the Kaipara district Council to replace our existing bylaw with a new one by December 2018.

These alcohol control areas (also known as alcohol bans) are designed to create safe public spaces. They are usually introduced because of concern about disorderly behaviour and criminal offending linked to the consumption of alcohol in certain areas.

New legislation passed in 2012 means that to create any new alcohol control areas, councils must have strong evidence that the consumption of alcohol in a public place is contributing to a high level of crime and disorder in that location. The definition of a public place for alcohol control areas has also been broadened and can now apply to public places, such as school playgrounds or supermarket carparks.

Council must also be able to justify retaining existing control areas through good feedback from the NZ Police and our communities. This is where you come in – we need your feedback!

Submission closed on 28 September 2018. Please see HERE for all received submissions (including late submissions).

A Hearing was held on Tuesday 16 October 2018 for those submitters who indicated they wished to be heard. The Hearing agenda can be found HERE, and the minutes are HERE.

A meeting was held on Friday 26 October 2018 for the panel to deliberate on its recommendation to Council. The meeting agenda can be found HERE, and the minutes are HERE.

Statement of Proposal
Proposed Alcohol Control Bylaw
Proposed Alcohol Control Areas

Existing located at -

  1. Mangawhai
  2. Ruawai
  3. Dargaville
  4. Te Kopuru
  5. Pouto
  6. Glinks Gully
  7. Baylys Beach
  8. Omamari
  9. Aranga
  10. Kaihu
  11. Tinopai  (proposed new area)


Identifying potential new alcohol control areas

Does your community have issues with alcohol consumption in a public place which is not currently in an alcohol control area? Please let us know what you are experiencing and where? Any area identified through this process will be considered through a separate process during 2019.

Other information

Council agenda (23 August 2018)

Submission form (Click to download)

Public notice

Online submission


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