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Council is proud to announce an important milestone has been reached in the review of the Kaipara District Plan, the Decisions Version of the District Plan and the Decision Reports are now available.

The review of the Operative Plan started in 2004.  The review has had input from three Mayors and about 25 Councillors.  This accounts for some serious input from elected officials.  The Proposed District Plan was notified two years ago on 21 October 2009.  The Proposed Plan has been through the robust public process as set out under the Resource Management Act.  There have been two rounds of submissions, 19 days of hearings running over three months in 2010, and many days of deliberations by the Hearing Panel.

The Hearing Panel was made up of seven Councillors (Council 2007-2010) and chaired by an independent commissioner.  The Hearing Panel was delegated power by Council to hear and determine decisions on 513 submissions and further submissions.  The 35 Decision Reports and the Decisions version of the Plan record how the Hearings Panel has changed the Plan in response to this feedback.

Consultation with the community has been an important part of the District Plan Review, and many meetings have been held with the community.  The most recent phase of this consultation has been the receipt of submissions and further submissions and these submissions and further submissions to the Proposed Plan demonstrate the level of engagement and input by the community.  Everyone has had an opportunity to have their say.

There are a serious number of changes made to the Proposed Plan as a result of submissions and further submissions.  Most pages of the Decisions version of the Plan have changes on them.  While the heart of the Plan remains, the Hearing Panel have given due consideration to all submissions and further submissions, and the Plan has been amended accordingly.  

Once the Decision Reports and the Decisions version of the Plan is notified all submitters and further submitters have an opportunity to review the decisions made, and if they choose, they may lodge an appeal to the Environment Court.  This represents another chance for change to the document, should it need it.

The Plan is a living document, able to be changed or amended in response to environmental, social, cultural or economic changes.  Council is aware that growth must be stimulated, and the District Plan represents one of Council’s most influential documents, able to assist in leading Kaipara District into the future, guiding growth and change.  The Plan will be monitored to ensure it is delivering.


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