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Public Notices

Prohibited Fire Season

Pursuant to Section 22(2) of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 the Rural Fire Authorities of Kaipara District Council, Whangarei District Council and the Department of Conservation, hereby declare a Prohibited Fire Season to be in force from midnight Tuesday 10 January 2017 until further notice.
Prohibited Fire Season Public Notice
Water Restrictions Notice

Due to low rainfall across the Dargaville area since the start of summer and a heavy demand on water resources, there is a ban effective immediately for all those connected to the Dargaville and Baylys Beach public water supply for the following purposes:
• All hosepipe use
• All irrigation and sprinkler use
The ban is effective immediately and will remain in place until further notice.
Water restrictions are a necessary precaution to delay the need for more stringent restrictions so we need to conserve water now to avoid
shortages over the next couple of months.
The Kaipara District Council urges all residents to conserve water to ensure that water supplies for essential household purposes can be maintained.  Council is also asking rural households not connected to water supplies to conserve water, because the bulk water suppliers who top up their water tanks depend on the Council’s community supplies for their water.

Please note
Kaipara District Council has granted a ‘Permit to Use Water’ for the Dargaville Ford Company and Harrison Contractors to enable them to run sprinklers on the demolition site in Normanby Street, Dargaville.

Dargaville Ford has been requested to source a non-potable water supply in the near future. The sprinklers will run continuously until the demolition is completed to ensure the demolition material is kept wet at all times which is being enforced by WorkSafe NZ.

Any queries regarding the use of water on this site can be directed to either Brian Armstrong (extension 768) or Magnus Viljoen (extension 676) at Kaipara District Council.
Water Conservation Notice

As the dry weather continues Council is urging all residents to think about how they can conserve water. Everyone can help save water by using some of the following tips:
  • Minimal use of garden sprinklers and hoses
  • Avoid washing vehicles
  • Not filling swimming pools
  • Check that taps are not dripping.
For more information please contact Council's Customer Services Team on 0800 727 059.

Expressions of Interest

Kaipara District Council is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for the purchase of its forestry estate.
To view information regarding the Expression of Interest please use the link on the right.
Please note the timeframe for Expressions of Interest has now been extended until 4pm Friday 24 February 2017.

Expression of Interest Forestry Estate 

Resource Consent Notifications

Sanctuary North Ltd

 The applicant Sanctuary North Ltd seeks three separate consents as follows:

 1.         RM160258 Cancel a consent notice under section 221 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA);
 2.         RM160256 Subdivision of five lots under section 88 of the RMA; and
 3.         RM100118A Change two conditions of a land use consent under section 127 of the RMA.
 Applicant : Sanctuary North Limited
Location: Cove Road, Mangawhai
Legal Description: Lots 1, 2, 4- 6, 8-10, 12, 13, 15-17,19-33, 34-60, 69 and 70 DP 404128

Sanctuary North Ltd


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Rating Information Database

The Rating Information Database (RID) contains information required by Council to set and assess rates on each rating unit within the Kaipara District.  Click here to see this public notice.


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