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Wow - What a difference

The project started with a plan to get young people involved and to make this area a pleasure to use. For
the past six years the Dargaville High School and Kaipara District Council have been working together to
beautify the Gordon Street Reserve which connects Gordon and Tirarau Streets. The walkway through this
reserve is used by scores of people to get to town.

Two years ago the Ministry of Justice came to the party with funding as part of an anti graffiti campaign. It is
amazing what can be done with a little bit of funding, an abundance of talent, a bunch of enthusiastic
children and one or two adults.

The Gordon Street Reserve has been landscaped and planted. It sports a very distinctive metal sculpture
running the length of the defining fence line and it has the most amazing 3D mural on a shed wall. It is a real
credit to all those people who got involved and made a difference.

Check out the before and after pictures:

For more on this amazing transformation check out our website www.kaipara.govt.nz.

Compare this to the recent graffiti “bomb” that hit Dargaville over the Christmas and New Year period. Many
businesses, domestic street fences and Council property were tagged. The Te Awa Gardens in particular
were targeted. Police using video footage were able to apprehend the culprits. Much like the project above,
it involved an enthusiastic bunch of children and an adult who watched the young people while they were
If people are keen to get out there and give their time and money to decorating our town, we ask that they
telephone Heidi Dreyer at the Kaipara District Council on 09 439 3123. Let’s see if we can work together to
create something we can be really proud of.
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