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Mangawhai Town Plan

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L-R: Ian Greenwood, Joanna Roberts, Richard Gunson, Kelli Sullivan, David Wingate and Belinda Vernon (Chair)


Mangawhai is the fastest growing settlement in Kaipara. Due to its proximity to Auckland and high recreational and scenic value, it is a popular destination that is rapidly transforming from a small, informal beach settlement of holiday houses into a town.

During Council’s 2015/2016 financial year, resource consent numbers grew by 33%, and 221 new lots were created through the subdivision process.  Building consents have grown by 15%, with 90% of the building and resource consents for Kaipara district being in the Mangawhai area. Growth in Mangawhai continues to outstrip forecasts.  Mangawhai’s dwelling numbers have more than doubled over the last 15 years.
Councils need to support growth with infrastructure like roads and footpaths, stormwater and wastewater networks, and parks.  In the perfect world, public infrastructure provision occurs with growth.  In Mangawhai, growth is getting ahead of the provision of some infrastructure. 

Council has identified the Mangawhai Town Plan (MTP) as a priority project, and the intention is to provide a strategic framework for managing the growth of Mangawhai to ensure quality design, environmental and infrastructure outcomes.

10 draft guiding principles or assumptions have been developed to shape this project. Please see the link to the right to view these.

Seven maps have been developed to provide an initial discussion point for this project and help provide an overview of the context of Mangawhai. Please note there a number of minor corrections needed and these maps are purely a discussion point. Proposals shown on these maps have no legal standing, and are not enforceable or able to be implemented at this time. Please see links to the right of the page.

Indicative Project Timeline (please note that these dates are subject to change)
  • Late 2015: Initial community feedback survey.
  • Early 2016: Community stakeholder interviews.
  • Early/Mid 2016: Review existing infrastructure
    • Stormwater
    • Roading and traffic flow
    • Water supply
    • Urban design
    • Open space and greenways
    • Land development and density.
  • September 2016 – April 2017: Determine potential future solutions, and Community Advisory Panel established to provide community perspective and recommendations to Council.
  • May 2017: Draft document produced with options.
  • June – August 2017: Formal public consultation process on draft document.
  • Mid/Late 2017: Deliberate public feedback and final document produced.
  • 2018: Mangawhai Town Plan document adopted and implementation programme determined.
Community Involvement

Initial community feedback was sought via an online survey in December 2015 and interviews with key representatives of the community in January and February 2016. Following this an Open Day took place in May 2016 presenting initial ideas.

A Community Advisory Panel has been appointed to provide community views and feedback to Council as the Mangawhai Town Plan project is developed. Over the coming months, the Panel will engage with the Mangawhai community regarding their ideas for the future of the township.

The Panel’s formal recommendations will then be presented to Council and the community in mid‑2017. These will be taken into account when developing the Draft Mangawhai Town Plan, which is anticipated to be completed for formal public consultation around June 2017.

Meet the Community Advisory Panel members:
  • Belinda Vernon (Chair):
Belinda Vernon is a consultant with a background in accounting, shipping and conservation. A Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, she is a director of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS Science) and a member (director) of the Maritime NZ Authority. She has been a ratepayer in Mangawhai since 1990 with her first association to the area going back to 1970. She is also an active volunteer of the Mangawhai Riparian Planting Group.
  • David Wingate:
David Wingate is an architect with wide experience of architectural design and management in New Zealand and the UK. He has experience in many fields including public buildings, education, commercial, interiors, retail and residential buildings. He is involved with a number of projects around Mangawhai, including Mangawhai Community Park.  
  • Ian Greenwood
Ian Greenwood is a Chartered Professional Engineer and an international specialist in the field of infrastructure asset management. Ian’s connection with Mangawhai extends back to his grandparents owning one of the first baches at the Heads and junior lifeguard training at the surf club. He was also a member of the Community Advisory Panel for the Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme Extension Project.
  • Joanna Roberts:
From establishing the Mangawhai Memo to serving three terms as a Kaipara District councillor, Joanna has a 50 year history of leading many local organisations and groups. Currently she is on the Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account committee, Northland Foundation Grassroots funding team, and is a St John Op Shop volunteer.
  • Kelli Sullivan:
Kelli Sullivan is a communications and stakeholder engagement specialist living and working in Mangawhai. Kelli’s expertise in the field of social impact assessment, ensures the needs of people and communities remain at the forefront of planning decisions. Kelli’s weekend time is spent at the Mangawhai Activity Zone and fishing along the coastline.
  • Richard Gunson:

Richard Gunson has long term connections with Mangawhai, and has significant experience in the Tourism Sector. He is currently the chair of Mangawhai Business Development Association and he and his wife hold the lease for the Mangawhai Heads Holiday Park.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments regarding this project, or would like to be added to the email contact list, please contact mangawhaitownplan@kaipara.govt.nz



Guiding Principles



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Potential Roading and Footpath Improvements
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Consent Trends Map
Wastewater Map
Flood Susceptibility Map
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