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Kaipara District Council Licence to Occupy

Kaipara District Council Licence to Occupy

This can be applied for at any time.

A Licence to Occupy is an agreement for a not-for-profit community organisation to locate on Council land or in a Council building through a Licence to Occupy. 

If you are building on Council land a development agreement will need to been drawn up first.  This is an agreement in principle from Council to develop Council land for an agreed community purpose.  This agreement can be used to access funding for your project.  The development agreement can last up to two years, this is to allow you the time to get funding and complete your project.  This process allows Council to work in partnership with communities to develop facilities that the ratepayer would not otherwise be able to afford. 

The criteria can be found here.
An application form can be found here.

See the following diagram for more information regarding the Licence to Occupy process:

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