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Community Planning

Kaipara District Council has a goal of 'working with the people and businesses of Kaipara to encourage community development'.  It is considered that councilwith a community development focus work 'with' rather than 'for' communities, by assisting the community to develop and provide their own facilities and services which in turn helps to build strong and vibrant communities. Councils can also play a role in fostering innovation in the community by finding new ways of approaching and resolving community issues.  

Project updates


Action Plans


Dargaville Placemaking Vision Guide

A Works Programme will be put together to make it easier to make these projects happen.  These projects will be broken into short, medium and long term projects.  The list will also break the projects into which will be done by Council, which can be done by the community and which can be done in a partnership between Council and the community.
If you would like to be a part of any of these projects please feel free to contact Darlene on dlang@kaipara.govt.nz or 027 532 0006.
Te Kopuru Domain
The Te Kopuru Bowling Club building has finally gone.  Check out the site photograph.
We have had a number of community meetings with ideas for this site, so watch this space.

Baylys Beach
Check out this artist’s impression of the entrance to Baylys Beach.  Isn’t it awesome?  The Baylys Beach Society had this drawn up and is now working with Council to put together a plan to make it happen. 
An application for a bus shelter for the children has been put in.  If we are successful in this application we will ask the community for ideas for the location.  Right now most people like the idea of putting it in the carpark opposite the old Funky Fish.  It will be great to finally get a shelter for the children of Baylys Beach.  They have been waiting for a long time.  


In partnership with the NZ Transport Agency and Kaiwaka community, Kaipara District Council has developed a plan to address traffic related concerns experienced in Kaiwaka while also improving the overall attractiveness of the township. This plan details actions or projects to be carried out within the short to medium term (2016/2021) and further aspirational or longer term actions to achieve the overall vision for Kaiwaka as a safe, connected, green, vibrant and distinctive place. 

To view the Kaiwaka Township Improvement Plan please click on the link to the right.

Mangawhai Town Plan

Council has identified the Mangawhai Town Plan as a priority project, with the intention to provide a strategic framework for managing the growth of Mangawhai to ensure quality design, environmental and infrastructure outcomes.

For further information, the link on the right will take you to the Mangawhai Town Plan (MTP) page.

Community meetings have now been carried out across the Kaipara district and Action Plans have been produced for each area.

Links to Action Plans on right.


For more information on these initiatives contact:

Darlene Lang Gent, Community Facilitator on dlang@kaipara.govt.nz

Annie van der Plas, Community Planner on avanderplas@kaipara.govt.nz



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