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Wandering Stock

This page explains what happens if stock are found wandering around the Kaipara District.

To report wandering stock - telephone: 0800 105 890

Stock are not permitted to wander free on roads or public places

Stock wandering uncontrolled on roads and in public places are serious hazards for both people and road traffic particularly at night.  Stock includes a horse; cow, bull, cattle, deer, sheep, donkey, mule, pig, goat, or other animal.   Promptly notify the Council’s contractor ENL about wandering stock on phone 0800 10 58 90. They provide a 24 hours 7 days a week service. If there is imminent danger to life or you have come across an accident involving stock please call the police via the "111" emergency service.  They will notify Council's Animal Management staff and provide traffic control until the animals are safely dealt with.

Stock on private property

If stock has wandered on to your land, please attempt to find the owner of the stock and return the stock directly with the owner.  If you are unable to locate the owner within 48 hours, you may contact the council if you wish to have the stock impounded.
All charges for transporting the stock, trespass rates and sustenance fees etc will be the responsibility of the owner of the stock who will be required to reimburse costs before stock are released. If the owner of stock cannot be traced the stock are auctioned  and the proceeds used to reimburse the affected parties.

Please note that Animal Control officers will not investigate the removal of bulls unless they are loose on the road. Concerns regarding bulls on land should be referred to MAF.

Wandering stock may be impounded

Council’s Animal Management officers will impound stock found wandering at large on roads or in any public place.  Impounded animals are held in the Council pound until claimed or disposed of.
Unclaimed animals may be are sold by public tender advertised in local newspapers or otherwise disposed of.

Impounded animals may be returned to their owner

Impounded animals may be reclaimed from Council:
  • Upon payment of the impounding, holding and food costs; and
  • Upon production of proof of ownership.

You can make inquiries with Council about impounded stock

To inquire about a missing or impounded animal, call Council’s Contractor ENL on phone 0800 10 58 90.
Straying marine animals may also cause a problem
Straying marine animals i.e., seals, penguins etc., may sometimes become at risk or cause a nuisance. You are requested to report stranded, straying or dead marine animals immediately to the Department of Conservation (DOC) on its free phone number 0800 362 468.  Where the animal is creating a nuisance, impeding traffic or endangering any person or themselves notify the Police also via the "111" service.

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