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Road closures

Road closures and restrictions

Swamp Road off Paparoa-Oakleigh Road, Paparoa, has been temporarily closed due to unforeseen bridge repairs.

Swamp Road bridge remains closed due to damage to the timber supports. The bridge goes over a railway line which is located 569 metres from Paparoa-Oakleigh Road and 2.4km from Golden Stairs Road. Traffic entering Swamp Road from the Paparoa-Oakleigh end can exit via Burke Road or turn around. A specialist bridge engineer is currently carrying out a full assessment and the complete closure (including pedestrians) will remain in place until Council is confident the bridge is structurally sound.

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  swamp Rd bridge closed-621

Speed Limits on Ripiro Beach
The areas shown below around the beach entrances at Glinks Gully and Baylys now have a 30km/h speed limit in place along Ripiro Beach

speed limit 1 BB-851  speed limit 1 GG-683

Remember that the beach is a legal road so follow the road rules; wear safety belts or helmets at all times, use your indicators, keep below the speed limit and never drink and drive.  Driving on Ripiro Beach can be treacherous.  It is suggested that those not familiar with driving on the beach seek further information.

Speed Limits on Ripiro Beach



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